Large Bitcoin Mine.. WoW!

Bitcoin Mine in China

Scroll down and look at some of images of this large bitcoin mine. only one word describes it.


Alternate Word: Dinosaur.

I don’t see how this can even be profitable any more, the cost of building, electricity, miner cost must be huge. What bitcoin they do get has to be sold to cover these costs as soon as possible driving the BTC price down.

PoW arms race - eventually everyone loses

Mining has run its course and whilst (in the short term) it may become profitable again it introduces some serious restrictions and vulnerabilities into Cryptocurrency. Yes it was fun to build massive machines that burnt power like coal and earned thousands of USD a day but mining is increasingly becoming more and more centralised as the bigger players rent warehouses and buy millions of dollars worth of oil cooled submersion ASICS etc.

The little guy just cant compete any more, it was the original ubiquitous accessibility of mining Bitcoin that made it so secure as it was utterly distributed in nature. The wonder that is Bitcoin is becoming ever more centralised as time goes on sadly:’(

Thankfully we have Reddcoin and PoSV :smiley:

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