Launch of Reddcoin Academy

Dear fellow Reddheads:

Many tech-savvy Reddheads have expressed strong interests in learning the inner workings of Reddcoin, Bitcoin and cryptos in general. Currently, knowledge about Bitcoin is scattered across multiple places including wiki, mailing list, Reddit and GitHub. Knowledge about Reddcoin and PoS is even more fragmented and largely undocumented.

We are launching Reddcoin Academy as a place for knowledge sharing. The dev team and other experienced crypto developers will be invited to write about specific topics, share code examples and answer questions. In the end, the entire community will benefit from a central archive of knowledge that’s accessible and searchable.

We look forward to your active participation.


This is great news.

laudney when will we see reddsight-API tutorials? I need to learn how raw tx’s are made (:

iisurge Before I finish the tutorials, you can always read the document here and some of the existing examples.

You can create new transactions using our Javascript library reddcore which has its own comprehensive examples.

Post any question you have along the way.

laudney I have posted a tutorial for vanity addresses. I hope this is the right place :wink:


This is really nice, and pretty much unheard of in the alt scene afaik. was definitely a step in the right direction.

That being said, i was an HTML programmer in the late 90’s and since then, i haven’t really done anything programming related, besides using erlang for resource dimensioning - if that even counts. So my coding skills are null. I’m, however, starting a course on the 29th so i can learn a bit of Javascript, PHP, and CSS3. Not much, but i’m looking forward to it anyway!

ReddcoinRocks Where is it? I need myself a vanity address.



Lemayilleur your can find it here: