Learning about staking receive address

Noob questions:

  • I have just one receive address in my ‘Receive’ tab, however i receive staking with another ( RvzC9Vt7fqkmyJpqmq2Uoj5nF8uHyZvcxz ). is this normal wallet behavior?

  • i checked this RvzC9Vt7fqkmyJpqmq2Uoj5nF8uHyZvcxz on the blockchain and it appears to be a general address (?) for staking as it contains transactions and amounts that are not mine. How does that work, can someone explain this to me like i’m a six year old?

  • RvzC9Vt7fqkmyJpqmq2Uoj5nF8uHyZvcxz not only receives staking (Generated) amounts, but also tiny (ex. 0.0133) (Received with) amounts. What are these tiny amounts?

Is it wise to send everything to one (generated in ‘Receive’ tab) address? If yes:

  • Create a new receive address? or use the (only) one i already have?

  • Do i need to use the coin control feature or just send everthing?

  • what does this mean for staking.

As i’m not really clear, i hope i have asked some understandable questions?

I’ve been hit today with this kind of micro transactions too.
14 times ranging from 0.0133 RDD to 0.07ish…

Not that matters but the “from” gives “unknown”. When ID will be implemented we will be able to thank or not the sender :wink:

Generally, any address that sends you funds will show up in the Transaction list.
With staking, coins will reuse the same address as the inputs (Staking is grouped by address)

Currently it would seem that someone on the network feels like raining small value inputs onto various addresses. This is similar to what happen with Bitcoin last year (https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/bitcoin-network-still-backlogged-tens-thousands-unconfirmed-transactions-causing-delays-1436305184)

I have been observing this behaviour since early April. It is occurring on random days and it would seem to be that today is the most busy for this particular activity.
Based on the type of activity, I can only think someone is attempting to spam the network.
Apart from filling wallets with small transactions, there should not be any ill effect.
While we don’t have a busy network as such, I am using this activity to monitor its performance and behaviour.

If however, you feel you are being impacted, please feel free to PM me.

DeadPool only if the attacker wished to be identified.
The ID system is opt-in and won’t be enforced to participate

That said, we can learn from such behaviour

Мне тоже пришло несколько микротраншей от 0.01 до 0.1 РДД, был очень удивлён. Сегодня посмотрел на биржу btc023.com и не увидел там в списке Редкоин. Его убрали из списка торгуемых валют на этой бирже?

Alex007 reddcoin never actually got listed as a trading coin.
We got on to the vote list, but never got enough support in the china market.

I am now spending time with our chinese friends to help promote it.
We have 2 small exchanges, and trading seems to be active,
Like everything I have been doing, it takes time to build trust, and show people we are serious

I would like to think we could get enough support this year to get it listed for trading.

That is my goal for this year

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