Lets brainstorm a online store

Hello all, i would like you all to be part of a brainstoming session so we can create a online store that can offer goods and services for reddcoin. But also that we can get paid in rdd, or fiat.
and if paid in fiat, i would buy rdd with the profit margin. the customers can also decide if they want to be paid in rdd, or fiat.

I thougth of offering reseller serivce, to sell goods and services. basically the middle man.
By doing this i know i will create untility for reddcoin for those holding onto it just to use them one day.

talk to you later!

Hello, it is a very nice idea actually. Unfortunate that no one actually replied to your topic previously.
Together with my team we are currently working on such a network. You can see the Reddcointalk topic that I have shared with you below. Basically, our core feature will be an online digital marketplace allowing users to provide service and sell products directly paid with Reddcoins. Trough an internal wallet users can purchase or earn reddcoins and cash out our spent on these services. The community that I am referring to currently does not have these features all through the marketplace is already in beta currently. Signing up can be done at reddcoin.online the social media platform for all related Reddcoin topics, knowledge and services.


this can be accomplished with woocommerce check out my example site coinit.info

I work as a programmer/consultant etc and I’m integrating reddcoin as aa payment option in my own online shop :slight_smile:


That’s amazing reth! You’ll have to let us all know when it’s up and running! :smiley:


shadowradio I tool a look at you payment method but you use cointopay.com to process the payments… I prefer to have full control. I will have a demo up this week perhaps tomorrow.


I thought about the products for a trial run webshop. Reddcoin could be used for tipping so the word tip could mean something else like a TIP for rolling paper.

So I decided to sell tips and rolling papers that can be bought with reddcoins. Because it are low priced products it would be perfect :smiley:

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