Let's go VIRAL!


Just brainstorming here…

Would it help if someone charismatic (not me), would make a twitch / youtube channel? And post / stream regular updates about:

  • RDD’s current state.
  • dev updates
  • future plans
  • the RDDareU winning video

If all of us watch, like & share the vid / stream it will most definitley reach the top trending lists, and thus spreading the word about RDD.

Attracting more and more people each day. Is our goal. And in order to achieve that we need to post on a mainstream platform that everybody watches.

If something like this already exists please let me know so i know what to subscribe to and what to share.
If not someone needs to step up


Someone is already working on it.

Link to post



kaaai3 perfect <3


TheAlphaNerd88 Checkout: https://www.reddcointalk.org/topic/1744/lets-get-reddcoin-into-the-public-eye-win-competition-pool-coins-2018