Let's Talk About facts baby

How can any body not see that this coin is a scam? For the first there has not been any updates for years, which is not my opinion but a fact! The webpage https://www.reddcoin.com/ has a misspelling you can scroll down to the center of the page and look at it the name Reddcoin is spelled wrong has 3 d, maybe not a big mistake but it has been there for more than 4 years,not my opinion but a fact! And here is a link from a screen shot. https://www.reddit.com/r/reddCoin/comments/7pvtbr/not_very_professional/?st=jcc2vf32&sh=477bf520

Then ther is the page https://www.reddcointalk.org/ back in the day it was possible to see when people were last login but long time ago someone disabled that option! But here you can still see when the so-called Developers login was last https://www.reddcointalk.org/groups/administrators so what you got to do is put your mouse pointer over the name of the administrators and wait 4 sek then you can see when there last login was some of them are years others monts but sum of them 15 days ago not my opinion but a fact!

Here you can find some information about your main developer Gnasher like personal facebook twitter and gidhub https://onename.com/johnnash , his githup was last updated 15 of jan 2015 and be for that his last update was 20 of mars 2014 only 2 updates in 5 years not my opinion but a fact!

Many people talk about the developers and how busy the must be, and how they can’t answer all questions and things like that so just for my curiosity I tried to send mister Gnasher/ John Nash a personal message and what do you know after 5 min he answers https://i.imgur.com/B9A5NhZ.png the developer is not to busy to answer my not my opinion but a fact!

There are so much money that is being scammed of so many people using fake PR stuff and Reddcoin and the evidens is screaming at everyone that looks for more than 10 min online like what is the reason that someone has blurred out some of the text on for example https://www.reddcointalk.org/user/gnasher look at were it says, 2017 -Q3 update, some one has blurred over some text and you can find it on more plases on https://www.reddcointalk.org not my opinion but a fact!

Hope some of you guys and girls get out without missing too much money. but have to point out that these facts were not my opinion but a facts!

Well… Then, how can you explain that his Facebook and Twitter official accounts are so actives? They are posting every day, and almost every hour, with news and announcements.

At least I can fully understand Reddcoin’s main website with its spelling mistake… The same can’t be said for your post. Don’t slam others for something when you do the same. And also don’t make accusations you have no evidence to back up.

Please and thank you,

CaffeinatedSloth there is a difference between me and them! My mother language is not English and I’m not trying to sell a product that is not ready and my net worth is not $563,382,545 USD, I’m not slamming others out of blue sky, Spelling mistake are fine they are normal everybody makes them except my wife see tells me my that she is perfect haha :smiley: but having a spelling errors still after 4 years + and no real updates for years after making promises and not deliver for months and years. my spelling is the least is the smallest problem.

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Ragnar84 : After investigating the data that you exposed, I’m afraid I have to give you the reason. Unfortunately, the evidence is there and is unquestionable: Reddcoin is dead.

You do not have to search too deeply to see that this is true.

So: Thanks for your notice! Yesterday I got rid of my 160,000 RDD.

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Saying that in 1 topic would have been enough … saying it twice makes you look like another troll… :confused: