Linux bootstrap - default home directory missing!?!?

Hi, I am trying to use REDD Wallet on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS).

In order to speed up the initial sync I downloaded the Bootstrap file as specified here:

However (differently from other PoS Wallets) the installation did not create a ~/.reddcoin folder.

Actually during the install the Core asked for a lot of space so I pointed it out to a different location (let’s say Hard_Disk_2) but copying the file there does not help either; I tried each and every of its subfolders - always starts 3 years and 41 weeks behind.

Please can someone clarify where to put this bootstrap file in this case?


What flavor of linux are you running?

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crypto_maniac Speaking of flavors… which linux OS is supported? I tried CentOS and it failed. Is there list?

Hi crypto_maniac , thanks for your question, I just added this info to my initial post as well.

It’s Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS