[LINUX] Wallet having connection issues.

I saw that another person had this problem but he’s on a Windows machine and I’m on a Linux Mint laptop and I’m sure I’ve got the latest version of the wallet. I would so love to get this wallet synced up considering somebody just sent me 300 Reddcoin, but it can’t seem to connect to anything. Can you help?

tkron31 try adding addnode= to the reddcoin.conf You might need to create this file if it does not exist

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OK, tried that, still nada. Is there another node or something else I can try?

For what it’s worth, this is what my reddcoin.conf file looks like right now:


I am assuming you are using the linux QT wallet
Didi has also volunteered to host a full node based in Western Europe

Lets test by reducing your conf file to the following 3 nodes

After updating the conf file, save. then shutdown wallet, then start the wallet

The other elements can be added in later if/as required once the connection is validated

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It looks like there is no peers in peers.dat, You have to use addnode XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX add or addnode 1234:1234:1234:1234:2234:2345:afcd:bbbb (It’s a IPv6 address) add for it.

The second issue is firewall enabled, you should stop the firewall or set the firewall to allow the port needed (45443 or 45444?) to send and receive.

The third issue is router enabled. In IPv4 mode, you have to set the forwarding port while IPv6 currently does not need to unless you use the private section of the IPv6.

There are some guides, is just one of the nodes, you may refer the wiki. or some block explorer to do. I used to face it, I have found the firewall is enabled so I can’t receive anything.

P.S note that IPv6’s size is bigger than 281474976710654 (The total number of MAC ADDRESS ), even dropping 8-bit for splitting and private section, it is still very big.

konysulphrea Looks like I don’t even have a peers.dat file. If I create one, which folder should I save it in? Some people on Reddit also mentioned the firewall problem and right now I’m figuring out a way to handle that in a way that’ll stick.

Gnasher Tried altering the conf file like you mentioned with no change.

tkron31 peers.dat is created automatically once you have connection to the network
by adding those 3 nodes to the config file, it should have been able to connect, unless you have a problem with the firewall/router that prevents connection. The default port for reddcoin to allow through is 45444

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Gnasher OK. Apparently adding those three nodes to the config file didn’t work, and according to the netstat -tulpn command, Port 45444 is open on my firewall. I will have to coordinate with some people as far as the router is concerned because I don’t have an Ethernet cable handy to get into the router’s brains with. Unless somebody knows a way to do that without having to use the Ethernet cable?

tkron31 Have you been successful in connecting to the network?
Have done some behind the scene checking,

tkron31 If nothing set, then will be stored in /home/(user)/.reddcoin if you are using Linux.
There are only few people discussing the thing for Windows, If in windows, then user\appdata something else.

Before set that up, please check firewall first. You have to allow a port for it.