Listing on Binance

Here’s the link to apply for Reddcoin being listed on Binance.

Just saying :smiley:


Yeah but they want to hear from the core developers.

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I believe in this project and hope it gets more recognition. Listing on Binance will be a good move. Hope devs will consider it.

Its good move for us hope it will be done as soon as possible.

Such an important topic, yet nobody from the team takes 5 seconds to reply. Sad team.

wittaz Actually, there are steps being taken. Your ignorance on this subject matter is of concern for other users out there. Please do a little bit of research before commenting.

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wittaz - I understand your frustration, however, this is your investment and it is, to a certain extent, driven by the team behind the coin. My understanding is that there are steps being taken with regards to exposure in general, not just Binance indexing. Exposure, to a large degree, also depends on us, the community that takes up the opportunity. I am sure all of these things will happen in time. I am also sure you will be notified and updated on this issue. Let me give you an example - There is a new IoT Based Token which was generated between November and late December - That project is backed by an international huge corporation - we were recently notified that the listing on exchanges will now be evaluated and may take place by mid-year. That token generation put $258Mil in their hands - yet, it will takes that long to list - And, they have the most impressive team on the planet - So, things take time - even for the big guys.

bmp02050 - Realx :slight_smile: . Expect to read or hear criticism - Right or wrong, it will always be part of the process - But just so you know, not everyone is critical and I personally have faith in this… Matter of fact, I am trippling my investment today :slight_smile:

Binance re-open the registrations only until 12:00 (CET), be quick or you will loose the opportunity. Here the ID for registration (the only way to register is with ref): 12506735