Litebit open for registration

For those that have been waiting for this moment: is open for registration again!

This could be good news for the whole market! :slight_smile:

Just checked, still closed (paused).
I’ve seen on the litebit twitter that they where 1st sending invites then they will monitor the effect of the new registrations.
After that they will be open again.

Oh jeah, you can also use my refferal code when registrations are opened up!

Would be highly appriciated

Ah that must be it… i signed up for an invite like 2 weeks ago so im now registered :blush:

I buy my Reddcoins at Litebit, but if you want to buy other currency’s it sometimes pays off to buy ETH somewhere else, tranfer it to an exchange and then convert it to your desired currency.

You will have to do some calculations though. (the next is just an example)

  • 1st check the buying price of for instance Etherium at Litebit and at Anycoindirect (1 ETH = 800,- €) note the cheapest you can find in Excel.

  • 2nd Go to an CoinExchange (you can find the exchanges of any coin at again for instance Binance (on this moment RDD is not listed here… shame shame binance), and check the current exchange rate vs ETH. note this rate in Excel as wel (Example 0,00113571)

  • Multiply the ETH rate by the Coin exchange rate (example 800 x 0,00113571 = 0,908568)

  • Check the current rate of Litebit and calculate the diffrence in an %

So now you can see the diffrence between the two buying methods, if the diffrence is small or Litebit is cheaper then buy there, but sometimes the diffrence is about 6%! Reason enough for me to do it the hard way…
But i have to be honest, sometimes Litebit is cheaper so do the math.

If anyone wants to join up at one of the site’s mentioned above you can always use my refferal link, thanks in advance! - Refferal link - Refferal link

LiteBit has started to accept new accounts! They invited 10k people a few days ago. Make sure you sign up for the invites and just wait… Two friends of mine got the invite and 1 didn’t. They signed up at the same time, so I don’t think thet are using a list. I could be wrong offcourse.

I guess the exchanges are starting to upgrade their systems to handle al the requests, finally! I still had to wait 3 weeks to get fully verified tho…

3 weeks! My litebit account got fully verified in 2 days.