Little issue with an old.dat

I have downloaded the 2.0 Version, but I can’t seem to find

/Users/USER NAME/Library/Application Support/Reddcoin

The place to put my old.dat.

Before I was able to navigate to the folder and drop in a dat then shut down and restart.

Right now not having much luck. Is this beause I have not encrypted the new.dat?


Redshift you have to start the wallet to generate all the folders and whatnot. Then you can delete the old wallet.dat file and drop in the new one.

I have the wallet running…but I still can’t find the path to place the old.dat
All the folders were visible before in the older versions I could put the path in the finder and it would take me right to it…
I need the keystrokes for a mac

Someone else had the same problem recently. If you search this forum, you should be able to get Mac paths. I dont know them off the top of my head.

bmp02050 ~/Library/Application Support/Reddcoin/
Thanks Gnasher!

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Redshift Yeah, I use Windows and a Linux VM…Not a big mac fan. They take 2 year old tech and put it in a pretty box with software that is incompatible with everything else on the market…But that’s just me…