Looking for about 5 'testers' for ReddRealm

I’m looking for about 5 people to help ‘test’ reddrealm as it is being made. This is not necessarily a beta test as most of the pages are not done. I would like to test it as i go. The past few months have been mostly learning more and getting everything set up with the wallet and server. I have a few of the back-end pages working and am still looking at launching on schedule with the count down. The 5 testers will be chosen by if they seem trusted in the community. Testers are not allowed to tell any features of the site unless they are specifically told they can. Reply to be considered. I will message the users shortly on here

Edit: all testers have been picked

iisurge What is reddrealm about? I am not really sure if I am aware of this. though the name sounds vaguely familiar.

Drakona http://www.reddit.com/r/reddCoin/comments/2kn6my/coming_soon_redd_realm/

I wouldn’t mind checking it out.

I’d be happy to help out

I’m always willing to help :slight_smile:

I would help too

Who wouldn’t like to test one of the pioneering coins of the future?
I am all up for it . :slight_smile:

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Would love to join the test group but I am starting the New Year with a huge surge of work at the day job and would probably not be able to do your service justice with enough attention. But sign me up if you like! :wink: