Looking for Reddcoin Token Address for Eidoo Wallet

Hi there,

I purchased Reddcoin and sent it to my Eidoo Wallet address but it did not show up. Eidoo told me I just need to add the Reddcoin Token Address/code and then my funds will show up. I have not been able to find this anywhere online. Does anyone know what it is or where to find it please?

Hello said in /404:


Sounds like they’re looking for Ethereum-based ERC20 info. ReddCoin is it’s own (faster) blockchain. Not sure that helps, sounds like their support might be a little offbase.

Thank you for your feedback. I am looking for a wallet to put the reddcoin I purchased into. I am no interested in staking I just want to gain access to the Reddcoin I purchased and then store it in a hard wallet for safe keeping. Can anyone suggest which wallets work for Reddcoin? I looked at Coinomi but it is android and I have an iphone.