Looking for someone to create a website

Hello All,

I have been planning a website in my head for a while now and am considering trying to get it off the ground.

I don’t have the technical skills to create it at the minute.

When reading posts here we seem to have some seriously talented people amongst us, so i guessed i would post here rather than going to some company who churns out anything just for a cheque.

Ideally i am looking for someone for someone who can create the complete site - as in design and develop the site.

It will be a site based on creating profiles and searching the created profiles.

PM me for more details if you think this is something you would be interested in getting involved with.


Before more talks, Would you please give us a rough draft of the interface you desired, and your objective first?

What is your purpose of your website, Such as exchange, shop, broadcasting, discussing animal welfare may be in the gibberish way or Just one-pager-personal-profolio?

If you are for plain, basic. W3CSchool is a good start for you while the paid is usually for impressive visual things.

Note that I do not accept any applications which tend to scam or using credit too much.

I agree with konysulphrea, throw some more information, and I would be interested.

Hi, yea just throwing the basics out there to see if anyone would be interested. Certainly not a scam, although that seems like something a scam would say…

Anyway, the idea (without giving everything away) is a site where you can create a profile show casing your skills and talents and people who are looking for said skills and talents can enter search criteria to find exactly what they are looking for. Example (using ninjas)

Profile 1) - Ninja A - age:25 - location:London - Specialties: throwing stars and making outfits
profile 2) - Ninja B - age:30 - Location: Belfast - Specialties: close combat and evasion techniques

All the details within the profile will then be searchable in order for people to find the results best suited to their needs! The site will be specific to one audience demographic.

Fire any more questions my way and i will try to answer them!

cool when can I order a ninja?

As soon as someone creates the website! :slight_smile:

ninjo What is your budget? do you have a plan over how you wish the website to work?

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Good, would you please show us a draft work of the interface which represents your initial idea?

You may use paper and pen for the above.

Thanks to all replies, currently working on a requirements and design document.

I now know i need to better understand exactly what i want before i ask people for quotes etc!

Thanks all.

ninjo It doesn’t matter.

People usually forget the initial purpose when implement stuff.