lost 100k , is there any hack or bug on rdd blockchain ?

Hi everyone, i have been staking rdd on a little ubuntu machine, but yesterday my balance was a surprise, lost almost 100k, i have resync the wallet on an other computer ; i have a transaction that i don’t have made by myself.
I don’t like that, i have try to understand, by looking at my logs, but found no trace of logging …
my address where rdd has been stolen : RvBXQNdinuZmuZBUmC5g4zEhLKGd3pnfWQ


address that i don’t own, and don’t know where come from the transaction RjJ1kTi65MSJcWuYXwbLJHzVE2Cr387KAd

created at Oct 1, 2018 11:49:05 AM
111376.68954532 RDD
111376.68854532 RDD (S)

Can someone help or explain ?

wallet encrypted, and there 's only ssh access, only clue i have is that the reddcoin.conf was the default generated by the wallet…

maybe your wallet need a rescan.

restarting reddcoin-qt with the “-rescan” option

Using this will take a while…

FatTony yes, it’s this transaction (in fact it’s more 111k), this pc is under ubuntu, and i’m the only one person to have access to it, reddcoind was staking on it from a very long time, more than one year.
I’ve checked all my historys command, if a user have try to authenticate, checked time and date of files.
My reddcoin.conf was from december 2017, i’ve changed the rpcpassword yesterday, i’m still thinking that this transfer has been done by rpc, or perhaps that it is a possible hack with the new “rdd-id” client extension browser.
The rescan is not a good option since this transaction is already here in the blockexplorer, and i’ve import it on my windows pc yesterday, the result is the same.
The bad is in this issue, is that this pc have other wallets clients running on it, and they are still running with no problems and no loss.
It’s hard to investigate where this transfers are going, if there was a visual block explorer, it will be more easy.
I’m stiil in hope to found something…