Lost transfer

today I sent some redds from bittrex to my wallet.

Address: RZCm9RNADR7qyEJxD9T5Yzxr7rouMVAb6z - my wallet address
TxId: 80a077e7644d3671e87e71fd49605359fe564dcc7de7c5c7c05fd8a306cd53e0

bittrex addres is RtEXaFHPYUTUyL2pKkMLu5HHCDBU538uAv

On bittrex transfer (withdrawal) status is “completed”, but I do not have my redds on my wallet :frowning:

I tried sent some redds before and all was ok. What happened with the last transfer?

I just looked for your tranaction on live.reddcoin.com
the transaction doesnt exist
and the last transfer into your wallet was 11 July.

You will need to contact bittrex support to help identify what happen to your coins.


Can we have a dev contact us? Our wallet has about 100 transactions stuck in the mempool with 0 confirms. Rebroadcasting them results in

error: {"code":-22,"message":"TX rejected"}

Normally a rebroadcast and restart of the daemon resolves this, but its not working in this case.


That is the last tx that went out before our wallet started randomly confirming some tx’s out of order, or not at all.



Seems like this will be a good test to see if the devs are really around or not. Unless you can handle this one Gnasher or lionzeye

Hi bittrex_richie
Just confirming the obvious, that you are on the correct blockchain (your wallet matches, live.reddcoin)
Also, the client running the daemon, did it have a time change by any chance?

What you can also do is use the RPC (debug) command decoderawtransaction and inspect your transaction closely.

Look for the following:

  • Do the sum of the inputs cover the sum of the outputs? i.e. input amount >= output amount
  • Are you reusing an unspent output (input / UTXO), is it listed twice?
  • Make sure that the transaction is actually signed.
    I’m sure there’s more… but these are the common ones off the top of my head.

We use sendtoaddress so none of those should be broken unless sendtoaddress is broken. I’m currently resyncing the blockchain because we started getting errors with the blockchain. Once I have it resynced I’ll provide more information.

If you could contact us via supportbittrex.com it’d be appreciated so we can work through that avenue. I can provide much more data that way.


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bittrex_richie have sent an email to your support group


bittrex_richie said:

Can we have a dev contact us?

Good luck with that

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BrownSlaughter he says after Gnasher replied as requested :confused:

Kraatus as far as i am aware gnasher has nothing to do with the blockchain or any of the reddcoin core applications.

I think he is in charge of the Reddcointalk tip platform so other than give a little advice to bittrex I don’t think there is much he can do

BrownSlaughter Gotcha, likewise I don’t know everyones roles and responsibilities, but he did step up and answer. Here’s hoping this can be resolved quickly and easily.


Kraatus BrownSlaughter
RIght, I am not the one coding Reddcoin core, (however, i have been working through the core code over recent months)
And is actually it is something i need to do for my future plans.

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Thank to all for answers. I got my redds on my wallet.

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Thats great
I have been discussing with bittrex_richie separately about the issue and they have been working on it since.
I will leave it to Bittrex to share details publicly, if they deem necessary.

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Hi Reddcoin team,

I am also have having similar type of issues. I transferred my reddcoin of 450000 from bittrex to Coinbase BTC wallet. Bittrex has transferred completed and able to see transaction in below blockchain.


I raised bittrex ticket # Request #2025571 and still waiting for response.

Bittrex transaction # 637f95b781974d221c0ca976cbef212011936f1a5ea0d11ce9a059bba5f488b8

Transaction Address

Kindly transfer in my wallet or revert the bittrex wallet.

Thanks in advance


You have sent RDDs to a BTC address?
(38UH7jfGupp9Bq7GguvQfSej4nkFp4TPkA is a valid BTC and BCH address…)
Why? You can’t just sent RDD to any other crypto address…
You should have sent RDD from Bittrex to another Reddcoin wallet/address (so, not a BTC address).

It’s weird that it has been accepted though… Reddcoin addresses start with an R.

I’ll contact the devs about it. Will let you know when I know more.

For your info:
Once a crypto transaction is sent, it is sent. There are no take backs or any kind, you can’t just revert a transaction…

Yeah, I sent bittrex reddcoin to BTC coinbase. I was not aware as coinbase not support reddcoin.

Even if Coinbase would support it, sending it to a BTC address will never work. In that case, you still would have sent it to the Reddcoin address (or Reddcoin wallet).

This is the same with other crypto, you can’t send Ethereum to a Bitcoin address, or Dogecoin to a Reddcoin address, for example.

It won’t matter for the transaction you already made, but in the future, always make a test transaction with a small amount first (like 5 RDD). That way, if something goes wrong, you lose a small/acceptable amount.

Thank you for your suggestion. How can I get back in wallet ? It’s is with redcoin block chain…is it anyway, i can get my fund/wallet in either bittrex/coinbase.? It is huge amount for me. I must say, bittrex should not allow if its not valid transaction as I given correct wallet.

Thanks in advance.

I have asked the Reddcoin developers about this issue. When I get an answer, I will let you know.


I also don’t understand why the transaction is accepted into the Reddcoin blockchain, so what I say is speculation… I have no solid answers. We will need to wait until the developers see my notification.

To access the RDDs on the Reddcoin address of 38UH7jfGupp9Bq7GguvQfSej4nkFp4TPkA, you would need to be the owner of that address (have the private key of that address). You are not the owner and you don’t have the private key, so you can’t access it. As I mentioned earlier, with crypto, sent is sent, there is no way to retract a transaction.

I don’t see any options to get the RDD back, I’m afraid…
So, let’s wait and see what the devs have to say.