Mac Wallet saying Out of Sync -How to Fix ?

I have recently purchased Redd Coins ,but Mac Wallet is not syncing ,its been hours im waiting ,still showing out of Sync

Im using latest version which i got from the website ,how to fix Please help !!

the key is to wait until it finishes syncing, then it will be finished syncing. It’ll take more than hours though…will be remedied in next release.

okay Thx for the reply ,Do i have to send any coins to sync or after it completely done ,i have send it ?

mrkrafi If you send, you cannot spend until done syncing…but you can still get them in there and getting coinage.

bmp02050 said in Mac Wallet saying Out of Sync -How to Fix ?:


ok got it thx will wait until it finish

Its been 24 Hours any idea how long will it take?

Please check the status ,

mrkrafi varies based on hardware. 1 day to 1 week…

Oh any alternate option ,How about on Windows System ?

mrkrafi You could use the bootstrap. Search this website for the answer to that as it’s asked about at least once per week.