Magic The Gathering 4th Edition (1994/95) cards (Spanish Edition).

Hey Reddheads! I just found my old MTG deck from 20 years ago (1994/95), we used to play at highschool. It’s the Spanish Edition, with some cards in English (demand was so big that they had to resort to English printed ones to fulfill orders).

Anyway i think i may have some rare cards (i know that some of them are worth at least 60 bucks English Edition), but before going to any local MTG event i’d think i’d post here first (i didn’t know it was still a BIG thing today, there are literally hundreds of clans in Barcelona alone! It’s even crazier than 2 decades ago… much wow).

If anyone’s interested please drop me a line, i may have have the rare card you’re looking for - even in a foreign language for dramatic effect when pissing your opponent off! :smiley: (and some added value too!).

I’ll accept RDD and 75% market price (If you really want to use cash it’s full price then, because reddcoin).

EDIT: Here’s a pic to give you a general idea of what’s available. The quality is very lousy, sorry about that, but experienced players will know what to look for.


Didi Awesome! Spanish MTG cards. Too bad I can’t read spanish. However, play by proxy…I’d be interested…

bmp02050 Do you still play? :smiley:

If so, please feel free to PM me any addy you have access to and i’ll send you a few just because you rock. Any preferences? If i have them i’ll deliver - as long as you don’t ask for the most expensive ones which i have no real idea about which ones could they be, really. Lol. This is collectible and rare valuable stuff, 4th edition was the first “official” one AFAIK, there was First, Alpha, Beta, and then 4th. Which was difficult to acquire unless you lived in the states, back in the days. Let alone translated.

Didi Of course I still play! Haven’t caught up on the latest editions, but I"ve got some pretty old cards myself. What do you want for all of them?

I first need to know what are they worth… so i have no idea. :confused: I’d obviously sell them to you for a really fair price relative to the market, but the thing is that i don’t know how much it’s all that worth.

I need to make inventory… and i could use some help, it’s been 20 years man. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: autocorrect

Didi is a great resource for pricing cards.

Thanks! Will check asap!

Teasing you a bit… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is the first card i was told to look for, and guess what:



Any ReddOffers (just for this, not whatever else i might have there)? :smiley:

Didi It’s not an Arabian Nights edition though…still a nice mountain

…now i’m really lost, honestly.

Will ask for a second third opinion but… there’s absolutely no way they are fake. Not even C14 would tell otherwise.

Didi It’s a 4th Edition. Arabian Nights had a little sword in the border between the artwork and the text.


Wow… you got me there. I have no idea about current prices, but you do make a point and i can’t debunk it. Meh.

Mind if i ask a friend before? I’m a bit tight on money, that one of the reasons - if not the main one - why i’m doing this. :confused:

“pseudoedit”: I totally see your point, but we’re talking about the Spanish edition so i don’t really know… i’ll have to ask.

Didi Note, the Arabian Nights version also does not have a date under the illustrator’s name. They started doing that in 3rd or 4th Edition as well…

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You obviously know a whole lot more than me, which is actually really cool because i’m completely lost!

IDK, just name a Reddprice and i’ll consider it. :slight_smile:

EDIT: For the whole deck - which i have no idea if it has valuable cards or not, aside this one(s) i was told to look for, or lightnings.

Didi I was curious about your entire collection. How many cards do you have?

152 according to a quick count.

Didi Hmm…Might have to consider it. To get more RDD, I’d have to purchase BTC, then purchase RDD. You want RDD or BTC?

Both are fine, just post (or PM) any offer you think is fair as long as it’s not above not way below market price. :slight_smile:

Mental fart.