Market cap will go down to 75 Billion before the August 1st Fork.

You need to be strong, the rebound will be reasonably fast. This correction is a health market move, after this, the cap will fly past 105 Billion and head for 1 Trillion within 2 years. All your current loses will recover then they will flourish. My personal opinion is buy…buy…buy…Hold…Hold…HOLD. Be strong in downward times and you will be rewarded.

Same to you! I think it’s good!

I agree, will hold and buy more. Makes no sense to release Redd-ID now even if it is ready because it seems the value of ReddCoin (at this time)* is in relation to bitcoin, unless you will be able to exchange it directly for US dollars if you are looking to spend some of your tips. All the bitcoin uncertainty and crypto movement needs to stabilize again and then you release it. Releasing it now would do no good, might as well work out all the kinks.

I belive in future of cryptocurrency and will invest as much as I can. BTW dddthemachine what is the Redd-ID ?

This video was posted a couple months ago.