Market Cap

I this an important issue or not? For the time being, I don’t think so. John Mcafee guarantees Bitcoin is going to 1 million per coin in 2 years. That would put Bitcoin’s market cap somewhere between 15 and 20 trillion dollars. Bitcoin now is about 300 billion market cap. If Reddcoin were to get to around $4.00 per coin our market cap would be a little over 100 billion. $8.00 per coin 200 billion and so on. If we matched Bitcoins market cap now we would be around $12.00 per coin right now. If Reddcoin can execute this coin could fly.
It is difficult to watch the gut-wrenching swings in price at the moment but that will happen with all the currencies as players play for small gains.
Need to give this coin some time to develop. Do not worry about wild swings.
Getting more exposure to this coin is critical.

EMAN … Nailed it!! - I couldn’t agree more - Exposure is key.

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With the supply of redd it’s going to be almost impossible to hit $12, and if we did I can almost guarantee bitcoin would be more profitable to just hold.

In these markets if you’re going long term you need to think of BITCOIN value and not FIAT value.

Everyone has their own opinion. More people are selling off their bitcoin to buy smaller coins for big profit. We are all trying to find the right coin. There is plenty of upside for Redd Coin. People are diving in to get the smaller coins. I also own some Bitcoin but have sold quite a bit to buy smaller coins including Reddcoin. It just takes a few people with big money to make this take off. I do not know where this coin will go but am expecting a big run here soon.
Reddcoin has 27 billion coins at about $0.0125 as we speak.
XRP has 38 billion outstanding coins. They are at $2.25 and almost hit $3.00 last week. XRP is going to run soon but that is another story.
Wish everyone a profitable 2018.

The idea of reddcoin being a social media coin to tip people you like or contributors i dont see reddcoin being a super expensive coin

tip size coin for speed and ease

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Maybe it won’t be a huge value coin, but even $1-$10 would a) be amazing for all of the hodlers! and b) still be at a sensible price for a tipping coin, but even if it reaches higher prices, you can still tip bits of a Reddcoin

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