Marketing and promotion of Reddcoin !!

Hi guys !

Nice i could yoin you !

Recently i bought some RRD , and relation to that i was thinking how Reddcoin can get a big lift in brand awareness.

Redd ID is absolutely great.
Tipping possible for all people around the globe with a click at the button.
Is that really great !!!
Redd ID is so supergreat and it will work,

but we need some extra fuel in the tank !
We need to rise that fire up !
What we need is big publicity !

Some very well known people have to promote Redd ID.

For exaple:

Raise a budget to get celebrity parners!

What do you think about Justin Bieber ?
or Nicki Minaj ?
Or a acter, for example Johnny Depp ? Or Vin Diesel ?

I name somebody.

If Justin Bieber saids he will get himself a Redd ID account ?

What do you think will happen?

I think about one hundred million girls will make a Redd ID account within aight ours !

That would be publicity.

Hope that someting like this would happen,
also for my own wallet let that be clair.

Greetings and all the best to you all.

Leiden, Netherlands