Maybe we need to get back to the reddit page!

Just like the old days. I feel we lost loads of people going to the forum… Myself included.

Maybe we need to get back to the another coin?
where laundey, if he does not announce this week I
leaving redd

negeroy then leave :slight_smile: we don’t need your negativity here…

Lowww I do not need your advice

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I have been saying this for a while now for a social coin to neglect it’s reddit page is madness! I really do think we need to address the non communication of the devs too but hey that is another matter. Let’s bring the reddit page back and use the forum also. No need to neglect either.

I know vote brigading is all over Reddit, but has anyone tried out Voat? I know its pretty much a reddit copy but they have accepted bitcoin from the beginning. The vote system works out a little differently so maybe the bots wouldnt be a problem

I emailed and pmed laudney. Still no reactions… I used to have weekly convos with him…

By the way. Can we get extra contact info from here?

There was a recent change according to this site: