Messaging Apps will become the next social Media

Came across this article ( on techcrunch where the next big thing in social media could be messaging apps.
They cite 500 million registered users and 170 million monthly actives on the Japanese Line chat app.
How could tipping/payments be embedded into some of the available chat applications??.
It is another avenue to circulate the word.

There is a bitcoin wallet for the messaging app called “KiK” and I think a reddcoin wallet for it would be very cool

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Gnasher As more people move to messaging apps and away from forums they will become the next big advertizing platform and money trading system.

If RDD was intergrated in to any of these it would increase the word and use and knowledge of RDD to the average person who uses these apps, but would require more uses for it such as more products that can be bought and sold for RDD.

Without a hard value behind it that is easily accessible tipping in general will always remain on the sideline as anything important or of value other than to those that do tipping. Anyone else will see the tips as a form of spam and not wanted within the app and may complain to the app developers to remove it. Same as how many downvoted on reddit for the same reasons.

In hard value I dont mean the need for the user to have to sign up at a exchange to then turn their rdd to cash(that is an extra step most wont want to do). I mean something easily transferred to and from. Such as being able to buy merchandise with it simply as going to another app and click buy 1 shirt at xyz RDD. or something similar along those lines.

IMO we don’t need more messaging apps. we need a secure, open and standardized messaging protocol for the mobile age. like a mobile optimized XMPP with OTR encryption integrated. based on a standardized protocol we could have hundreds of clients that can all interact with each other. creating more proprietary chat apps is a wrong way but obvious the best way to make more profit.

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I believe this is what GEMS wants to be. The app is currently in open beta.

I dont think we need more messaging apps per se.
There is a plethora already,
Finding a niche in that space more difficult as there are more and more attempts to be the next big thing.

There are already a number of msg apps that are well distributed to the populous.
The following article gives a general list of the more popular apps ( with broad usage statistics

In order to tackle this market, we need education, create ease of use and allow adoption.
Lets consider for a moment Kik with 185M users (70% between ages 13-25)
Of those users how many have either

  1. heard of Cryptocurrencies
  2. or use Cryptocurrencies
  3. could obtain Cryptocurrency

Of that subset, they would most likely be aware of Bitcoin.
It is very hard to guess any numbers, but an advantage is the user demographic is in the group that easily adopts to technologies.

So what are some of the top “up and coming” messangers? I think these would be the most likely to incorporate us.