MinGW runtime assertion error when opening wallet

So, out of nowhere today my computer froze, after rebooting, when i try to open the QT wallet, it gives me this message: MinGW runtime assertion "assertion failed, program: D:/reddcoin/reddcoin-qt.exe, File: src/checkpoints.cpp, line 285, Expression: mapBlockIndex.count(hashSyncCheckpoint).
whatever i click, the wallet crashes.

What can i do? will i lose my coins? :open_mouth:

first, make a backup of your wallet.dat
there are your coins inside (the rescue can start there, if necessary)

Which version of the QT wallet are you running ?
Also, you could check the debug.log if there is some helpful (error) msg.

Best, of course, would be, if you could generate/send a dump file to the devs

Where is the wallet.dat located? i can’t find it.
Version is
And how do i check the debug log?
sry i’m a newb :s

erkan If you’re using Windows, look in c:/users//appdata/roaming/Reddcoin/

In there you will see a wallet.dat file - it is VERY important you copy this elsewhere before you attempt to reload wallet, etc.


I’m using bootcamp on a macbook air, and for some reason the folder is not there…
I can’t find the file anywhere with the search function. Does it even exist? Where can it be O.o
searched with “appdata” and “wallet.dat” but nothing comes up.

porttikortti On Mac, check /Users/USER NAME/Library/Application Support/Reddcoin

Per this wiki - https://wiki.reddcoin.com/index.php/Troubleshooting

Okay, i left the problem be when i last posted here. Now i try to install the wallet again (i took the wallet.dat file and put it in safe place before uninstalling) But the problem is still the same. I can’t reinstall the wallet. It still says some error about the chkpoints.dat file… I have a million red coinds in store in the wallet. HOW THE HELL DO I GET THEM OUT!? It’s not giving a good impression about the coin if even the wallet is not working.

porttikortti after you backup your wallet.dat, did you delete the contents of

/Users/USER NAME/Library/Application Support/Reddcoin

Uninstall does not clear this folder

Okay, i cleared the AppData/Roaming folder, and now it seems to work. Do i sync the wallet completely and then replace the wallet.dat file?

I would place your wallet.dat and then sync the blockchain.
This should be faster for you


I just replaced the wallet.dat file, and it says error: can’t load the database file wallet.dat…
Starts to look a bit bad to me.

porttikortti all is not lost (yet).
It does sound like your wallet.dat may be corrupt.
Also check read/write access on this file

If you are familiar with the command line,

Finish synchronizing the blockchain first
Then start your wallet with the -salvagewallet
reddcoin-qt -salvagewallet

This will make a backup of your wallet file, then attempt to import any private keys is finds inside

I managed to install the wallet again and sync it. However, when copy and paste my wallet.dat in there, it just doesn’t open anymore (says reddcoin.exe is not responding or something.) What should i do now? I don’t understand how to do that -salvagewallet thing… Where do i put that command line?

Which version of the wallet are you now running??
1.4.1 or 2.0.0??
And are you on Mac or Windows.
It is not clear from your previous but your comments seem to indicate now on OSx

The easiest way is to open a Terminal
I will try and step you through
Firstly shut down your wallet, as the following steps will relaunch it

Next we are going to get to the Terminal to include the -salvagewallet option
Start by opening the Terminal from the Applications/Utilities folder
This should upon in your home directory

We now need to switch to the installation path of Reddcoin-QT

In the Terminal type

cd /Applications/Reddcoin-QT.app/Contents/MasOS

This should place you into the Install directory

Now, make sure you have a backup of your wallet.dat for safety

We will now launch Reddcoin with the salvagewallet option

At the prompt type:

./Reddcoin-Qt -salvagewallet

and hit enter

This will have opened your wallet, and attempted to salvage the recoverable keys.

Please let me know if successful

Alsohis is not failsafe, but is a good first step
So if you have problems there are other more technical ways to tackle help solve

Senks for wallet



I’m running version wallet on Windows 10.

It gets stuck at “scanning again” (not sure if it’s the same in english as I’m running it in Finnish.

Sorry, but how do I do the command in Windows?

porttikortti you are doing a great job. Hope he solves his wallet problem.

I recommend copying wallet.Dat file to desktop, downloading new version of Reddcoin and putting wallet.Dat file back…

Hi porttikortti
the problem appears to be with your wallet file

So we will try and salvage it.
Using windows
open a command prompt (using the following)


and then


this should open a console for you

Change directory to

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Reddcoin

once at that location

Reddcoin-Qt -salvagewallet

and hit enter

This will have opened your wallet, and attempted to salvage the recoverable keys.

Please let me know if successful

Also this is not failsafe, but is a good first step
So if you have problems there are other more technical ways to tackle help solve



Thank you for help. For some reason the wallet started working by itself. No idea what happened.
Thanks for all the help anyway :slight_smile:

Are there any online wallets as of now as there weren’t when I first bought my coins? Any recommendations? I think I want to transfer them to a safer place so the same problem doesn’t occur again.