Move RDD without core?

Dear reader,

I am having some troubles syncing the ReddCoin core to my pc, it is stuck at ‘16 weeks behind’. I did create an offline wallet and added a lot of rdd to this wallet before it was completely synced with the core.
Is it possible to move the coins that are in this wallet.dat to another ‘online’ wallet without having the complete core?


I dont think that this would be possible.
But maybe I can help you get your wallet to sync.
With an program called teamviewer I’ll be able to get access to your PC and solve your problem.
You can see what i do and pull the plug if i do something strange on your computer.

If you don’t trust me, have look to your firewall settings.
The Windows Firewall blocks Reddcoin Core from time to time.
I had this problem a few days ago but it was easy to solve.

Dear ball0r, i already tried turning off my firewalls, no effect.

adamn yes i advice you to get the bootstrap in order to sync faster, so download this file first and unzip it. The name of unzipped file will be bootstrap.dat , then you need to move it in one of the following directories depending on your OS:

OSx - /Library/Application\ Support/Reddcoin

Windows - %APPDATA%\Roaming\Reddcoin

While your there delete the folder ‘chaindata’ in order to do a fresh sync , reboot Reddcoin core and it should sync in approximately 24 hours. This is the location of wallet.dat so make sure to save a copy of it, the reason it was taking so long to sync is because it didn’t have the bootstrap.

ball0r i’m sure he can follow the instructions above no need to teamview, it can result badly in some circumstances.

Gozzy yeah i know but i have my problems to explain such things because english is not my native language.

Is it a bad idea to replace the chainstate folder from another source?
I was thinking about to supply the blocks and chainstate folders to help other users speed up their first sync.
Because even with the bootstrap.dat it will take quite some time.