Moving from Reddwallet to QT wallet

Hi! For some reason Reddwallet is just not working so great for me right now (staking has completely paused for me, not getting the correct address names in my transaction list etc.) so I’d like to transfer everything to the QT wallet. Can I simply backup my Reddwallet wallet.dat and transfer it to the QT wallet??

m3ndi3 I tried that a couple of times and I got pretty frustrated. I’m technical person, but I figured I wouldn’t wanna mess around with currency - so I transferred it to another QT Wallet instead.

lynxlee so it worked fine replacing the qt wallet.dat with the backed up Reddwallet wallet.dat?

m3ndi3 I installed a Reddcoin wallet and transferred RDD from my Reddwallet to it instead. Didn’t touch the backup. (transaction charges - but claimed back via Faucet) =P

lynxlee Ahh yes I was thinking about doing that too … but then won’t you have to wait all over again for staking? My staking has been stuck at 1 day 15 hours for about a day now :confused:

m3ndi3 Yep… I actually download the whole blockchain again and reset my coins and waiting again for staking.

lynxlee will all hell break loose if I have the Reddwallet and the QT wallet open at the same time?? I still want to use the Reddwallet while QT is syncing >_<

m3ndi3 I think as long as the Reddwallet and QT wallet are both having different addresses or different wallet.dat, that should be okay. Having said that, I installed QT wallet on my desktop; but Reddwallet was on my laptop; so I know it’s completely different machines at least.

Isn’t there an answer to this yet? I want to get the coin age I’ve been accumulating from my coins in my ReddWallet! Can’t I export the private keys to the qt wallet somehow?

I recomend to take your wallet.dat in a usb and place it on the other wallet to replace the .dat there. Is like the same steps for a bitcoin restore wallet. search this in google for details

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RddStacker You’re saying the wallet.dats are compatible and interchangeable? That would make things easier if so!

reddmon2 Yes, they certainly are, so is the blockchain data, which you can also copy to save time.


lionzeye said:

reddmon2 so is the blockchain data, which you can also copy to save time.

D’oh! Too late!

reddmon2 Yes. You can move the Wallet.dat file from the Reddwallet to the QT wallet without a problem. I’ve done this before. Works great.

just copy and paste wallet.dat and blockchain files. they are interchangeable