Moving Reddcoin Bot Balance for Universal Basic Income

Hi there everyone,

I liked that there was a UBI on Reddit (/r/GetFairShare) using Reddcoin but their previous user can no longer message the Bot to move the Reddcoin balance and is having some issues contacting the Devs for a support/manual transfer. Would anyone in the community here know any of the Reddcoin Bot Devs or be able to help? I have the link to a specific Reddit thread on the transfer problem but wanted to make sure it was ok to post here about it first.


Good question… Who is running that bot?


I’m fairly sure Laudney administrates the Reddit bot.

Thanks GrayPhoenix !

Just sent this along to the user who was having a problem. You should be seeing a 1k reddcoin tip show up in your wallet for the help!

Convertor Not me, i am doing the reddcointalk forum bot only. laudney i believe is admin for reddit tipbot.

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