My Coins are in but not my wallet

I made a transfer from coinswitch… money shows it’s in but not in my wallet…how can i transfer into my wallet or did I get screwed? Please help…please, please, please.

I guess your wallet is out-synced :).
No worries mate! Please follow the guide how to get your wallet synced.

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Salem3358 where’s the guide?

Wallet says its SYNC with green check mark

im using Reddcoin Core - Wallet

ball0r can i get your guidance please…

I have the same issue. My wallet is in sync and Not seeing the coins in wallet.

~can anyone help?~

If it’s appeared on, you haven’t been screwed… Did you definitely enter the address that’s in your wallet for the coins that were sent?

Yes the address is correct. It looks correct on the transaction as well.

Which wallet is it you’re using?


Reddcoin core wallet

Please help and ill tip you…thanks for responding :slight_smile:

Okay, is your wallet fully up-to-date with the network?

it is…first time around I used my MAC…it didnt open then I opened with windows PC. I transferred the wallet to my pc wallet. money still hasnt kicked in

giovanni you transferred your wallet to a windows PC, but was the core program fully synced?
keep in mind that syncing online can take a few days and syncing from the file might also take some time(mine took abount 3 days with a file(so online would take even longer).

and also as Salem said, no worries buddy, if its om the live site it’s all a-ok(as long as you wont lose your wallet file of course :wink: )

I have my wallet completely synched …it synched 3 days back… and i still dont see the coins

Haxdax but theres no name on it or anything…how does people know it’s mine? I bought 60K coins… not sure when it’s synced but the Reddcoin Core Wallet has the green check at the bottom…doesnt that mean it’s totally synced?

I would have to say that it’s a user mistake because that is why I love the redd coin wallet and it"s block chain.
Transactions are almost instant, so if you sent yourself coins then, Well, You best check and re-check your work. I’ve
used the core wallet with many different exchanges and it has worked flawlessly.

Thanks to the creators…