My theory about the roller coaster effect.

I am new into cryptocurrencies and discovered Reddcoins two weeks ago. I lokked at the situation of the RDD and discovered that the curve is only going up and down every weeks or so. It just looks like huge free fall that is takin back twice as the old price after a few days. What I think is that people are selling it too quickly. And this only makes RDD loose time to increase. Tell me if this is obvious and that i’m not the first person that discovered it. I just guess that we would be at easily 5 or 8 cents today if we were not selling that fast. No stress. I personnaly think that it’s a long-time investment.

The course depends on many external factors, resale plays a small role in the development

Im not bothered, whether the price goes down, up or stays the same, i play the market everybday so that at the end of the day i end up with more Reddcoin because i believe it will eventually go back up! Not planning to cash out any time soon. I managed to double my coins within 7 days though. :slight_smile:

Looks like we are about to go for another spin!! Get on board :slight_smile:

CrazyShaman i guess yea didn’t think about other factors