my wallet does not show the application screen

download wallet 2.0.0, install and run without problem, I was using it without problem for more than a month, but suddenly, when executing it, the icon is displayed in the taskbar, but the window of the wallet is not displayed , you can not see, I click on the icon and it shows nothing.

already desistale the wallet, delete the folders blocks and chainstate, restart the computer and the problem presist.

It is clear that another does not happen.

Have you tried to remove and install the software again?
Make sure your wallet.dat is backed up and safely stored first!

uninstall, delete all files, install again install the 32 and 64bit version and the problem persists, I can only enter the debug console, is there any command to repair the wallet through the console?

sorry for my late response!
I’ve found a possible solution.

  • press windows key+R
  • type C:\Program Files\Reddcoin\reddcoin-qt.exe --resetguisettings
  • hit enter

maybe this will help

I did the suggested thing and it does not work

xdediosl If you have the tray icon, and are able to see it’s syncing by hovering over it and seeing a change, odds are the window is probably out of bounds on the desktop, or hidden.

I am not on Windows currently, but I do know from experience some windows like to disappear even when shown.
I am using a Mac at the moment, but Windows has an annoying habit of losing track of window positions (lol, Windows) after a screen configuration change or resolution change.

Here’s what you could do:

  1. Open task manager
  2. Click ‘Processes’.
  3. Find ‘reddcoin-qt.exe’ in the list.
  4. Right click, End Task. Click yes if another dialog pops up. Keep task manager open.
  5. Wait about 15 seconds. Hover over the tray icon for Reddcoin wallet next to the clock to make it disappear if it’s still there. Windows doesn’t keep good track of that.
  6. Start your Reddcoin wallet again. Grab a coffee or a beer while it does its indexing and checks. Give it a couple minutes.
  7. When you get your tray icon back, and IF you have the taskbar icon as well, proceed to the next step.
  8. On task manager, go back to the ‘Applications’ tab. You should see a Redddcoin item in that list.
  9. Right click on that item, then click Maximize. This should relocate the window within the primary bounds of the main screen. Now you have your window back, but we’re not done yet.
  10. Click + drag the title bar for reddcoin, drag it somewhere so it snaps back to normal size.

If all went well, you should have your wallet window visible again.

Works on almost all versions of Windows.