My Wallet is not syncing

Hi there,
I download the Wallet but Its not syncing?
How can I make it work?
I sent already coins to this Wallet before syncing. I made a back up.
What do I wrong.


Does your Reddcoin Core Wallet show any active connections?
Maybe it’s a Problem with your firewall.

No nothing.
How can I fix it or see it

Are you using the windows firewall?
Try to search for it in your system settings and disable it for the moment.
Restart your Reddcoin Core Wallet and maybe it will work.

I will try tomorrow. I will let you know

Firefox is closed.
It say in the left bottom,
No source for blocked available

In debug it days
Waiting for network

Yeah, it looks like something is blocking the connection.
Some Antivirus/Internet Security softwares like Kaspersky bring their own firewall (not firefox!) and behave very aggressive.
You have to set it right.

English is not my native language so its not easy for me to explain you the exact steps to do so.
But if you are okay with that i can connect to your computer with a software called Teamviewer and do it for you.
This should take just a few minutes.