Need to Brute Force Unlock Wallet

Hey everyone. Been posting this all over the place, but since Aug my passcode just up and stopped working. Anyone have an active link to brute force it?

It is not possible to brute force (and this is a good thing). The password does not suddenly stops working. Keep trying to fill in the right password, you will get there eventually.

When I worked at PayPal people where telling me as well the password suddenly changed when it actually did not, This is very human and can happen to all of us. Good luck!

thanks. I wish it were true, but I copy/paste from an encrypted file. So no way I could have forgotten or typed it wrong.

Maybe you copied in a spacebar by accident, or missed a sign or two in the beginning or end when copying your password? Try it again with every-time a few signs less in the end till it works. When not, repeat but with less signs in the beginning etc.

I think you will get in there in the end. At least you have an idea how your password looks like so not all hope is lost. You can do this!