Need to import a private key to ReddCore

I have a private key which I exported from ReddWallet, which isn’t syncing for me. I want to import it into ReddCore, or find some other program in which I can use it to regain my funds.

Any suggestions?

For the recent version (V2.0) of reddcoin core check out my tutorial.

I see no menu in my wallet, therefor I tried to put my private key in plain text into the wallet.dat file, but the QT wallet failed to start. How can I create wallet.dat, so the client recognizes it?

minion You can’t just write the key in a wallet.dat.
This will corrupt the file preventing reddcoin core to load it.
If you had no RDD on that wallet.dat so far just delete it so that reddcoin core can create a new one.
If there were RDD already, try to undo your changes.
After that you can try again importing your private key.

If you have any other problems with the user interface please consider providing some screenshots.
Just make sure to keep any sensible information safe. (Dont’t show your private key!)

ball0r But how to import the private key, so the client can read it? I saw a link to some tool that can create it, however I don’t want to put my private key into some 3rd party site. Calling the client with importprivkey parameter doesn’t seem to work. In the worst case I’ll install virtual Win 7 and run from there, but I’d prefer to run it on Ubuntu.

minion oh i see you are on Linux.
Unfortunately I can’t help you with that - sorry
I’m not the dumbest user on linux but I can’t get the wallet to run in the first place :confused:

I think the workaround installing windows 7 would be the best solution for your problem if not very convenient.

minion did you try wine?

Diesel no, I use VBox to fully virtualize the OS

Edit: I’m apparently retarded and did not see the post by ball0r

But if you want to read my post, it’s the same concept for linux / windows. Qt just puts the menu option on the top of the window instead of the main menubar on osx.

Original Post:

minion How did you call importprivkey? Sorry I’m probably asking a stupid question, but command line switches should be the same for *nix & windows.

However, looking into the given startup command line options, I don’t even see a method of inputting a private key.

Now that I’ve typed all that, instead of deleting all my thoughts – you only can import a private key via RPC, I remember now from my early litecoin days, heh.

RPC server options:

  -server                Accept command line and JSON-RPC commands
  -rpcuser=<user>        Username for JSON-RPC connections
  -rpcpassword=<pw>      Password for JSON-RPC connections
  -rpcport=<port>        Listen for JSON-RPC connections on <port> (default: 45443 or testnet: 55443)
  -rpcallowip=<ip>       Allow JSON-RPC connections from specified IP address
  -rpcthreads=<n>        Set the number of threads to service RPC calls (default: 4)

Knowing the above, you need to connect to the client via RPC and THEN import your private key(s).

Make sure you have the debug window open and then select the “Console” tab.

I’m on a Mac, but it’s the same concept on Windows/Linux.

Make sure you have the console open like this

DO NOT USE a 3rd party tool to connect to your RPC server as that would be a huge security no-no.