NEM Coin, Proof of Importance

This is an interesting type of coin that just popped up in South Korea…

bmp02050 Very interesting, will read up on that later.

I’ve taken a brief look into that coin. I believe they’ve put pretty substantial work into their model, though I am not well-read enough to comment on it. Certainly worth keeping an eye on what they’re doing!

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released before they had anything (even after lengthy delay)… there is no there there.

UncleDarth I know. I was checking out the website. They have a browser wallet and are on 2 exchanges. The concept of POI is interesting, but without anything besides the coin, what’s the point? Might just buy some at low level, wait for the pump, sell and profit…

bmp02050 Ahem, ahem, cough, cough, hmmm, whatever do you mean (nudge nudge).

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