Network Load / Netzwerklast

Kann mir jemand verständlich erklären, von was die Netzwerklast beim Staking abhängig ist? Als ich vor ca. 1 Monat mit dem Staking begonnen habe, lag sie noch bei ca. 3,5 Milliarden. Aktuell sind es 9 Millarden - woher kommt der Anstieg?

Beste Grüße Ox

Can anyone explain in an understandable way what the network load is when staking? When I started staking about 1 month ago, it was still around 3.5 billion. Currently it is 9 billion - where does the increase come from?

Best regards Ox

I believe that has to do with the combined wallet weight, now that RDD is picking up new adopters and gaining traction. People are using their wallets instead of relying on exchanges so they can get the staking rewards.

You think that might mean that rdd is growing? Or that people no longer trust the stock exchanges and redistribute their rdd’s? :wink:

Pretty sure because RDD is growing. But I don’t trust exchanges to hold all my money at once too. That’s just me though.

Then I hope for a growing rdd fan community. On the one hand from a financial point of view and on the other hand because I think RDD just cool;) But if we are already in conversation. Can it be that with an RDD transfer (outgoing) staking starts all over again?

I think it modifies your average weight, but I don’t know for certain and I don’t know what average weight is supposed to be. I’m just a smart dumb guy on the internet (^:

:wink: I join in. Maybe a developer can tell us more.

Ill try to explain this. For instance Oxfordon1900 has 1000 coins and lvtion also has 1000 coins.

@ day1 the coins of oxfordon1900 have a network weight of 1000 so does lvtion his coins.
this means the total network weight of both is 2000

@ day3 the coins now have matured even more and have a bigger weight now. This means they will also grow on the network weight.

So basicly we can say more people are staking their coins like in the beginning.

I hope this explains it a lil bit, or at least thats my point of view.

Thx Jimbo, that sounds meaningful. Consequently, can actually say that more people are staking with rdd. great, thumbs up.