New Full Node (Western Europe)

Hi reddmates… it’s me again. I must confess that for me, quitting is very hard because i really feel attached to the project and the great community behind it (or what’s left of it anyway), but in any case i don’t consider myself an active member anymore.

Still, there’s one “last” thing i can do. I’ve seen people unable to sync and complaints about lack of active nodes and since i still keep my ReddPi, then why not set it up as a full node? I should have done it before anyway.

The bottleneck will not be bandwidth (100Mbps fiber) but processing power, so i don’t know how many clients will it be able to serve simultaneously but i guess that quite a fair bit.

The IP is

I said it many times before, i still “feel” that the project it’s being worked on and will eventually see the light, somehow. Why do i feel that? Among other things I’ve run a community project with 100+ members back in the early 2000’s (i set an Audiogalaxy group and an FTP up so everyone could share Anime using my relatively fast connection - for the time - and all the spare HDDs i could find), so i know how it feels to get FED UP with all the complaints about lack of space, bandwidth and such when you’re paying for all the expenses and spending a decent chunk of the day working on it (for shit and giggles, this is how it looked like). Still… the moment i realized i was letting members down because i couldn’t keep up with my promises anymore i had to quit. And never came back. (EDIT: There were periods when i simply didn’t reply anymore, but i still worked on the group. When i quit for good i did announce it… i think it’s important to clarify this point so you can better understand what i’m trying to say)

So who knows, maybe there’s still some surprises in store for RDD but i certainly will not get my hopes any high, at all. And i advice you do the same… it’s only when you expect nothing that even the smallest progress feels like a triumph.

Anyway, if you can’t connect with the node please let me know, i still lurk from time to time.

Didi Nice work.
a small contribution, but helpful to everyone none the less.
Keep the forum updated with system performance on your ‘Pi’ would be interesting to note i am sure


Gnasher Thanks… my first modem was a 14.4k as well. Those were the times! ;D

Once i figure out how to get statistics of any sort i’ll update this.

Didi No one appreciates how much fun it was in the good 'ol days :slight_smile:
If you need any help let me know… there are a number of stats you could pick from the console

Gnasher I do have a question… should every single other full nodes cease to operate in a future, would my “ReddPi” (that’s what i’ll call it until it’s gone :D) be enough to keep the blockchain usable? Because should RDD really reach a complete and absolute dead end, it may as well be the only one left.

(and of course any tips for collecting stats are most welcome!)

Didi Last man standing… i like it.
If i understand the wallet code, there will be 1 or more nodes hard coded. This helps facilitate new nodes connecting
Any additional nodes can also be added through the config file.

Take the hyperthetical
if the ip of your Pi is not in the hard coded list, then as the list of nodes decreases, any new nodes may not find yours.
Each full node contains a list of peers, So it is important as a minimum those harded coded remain accessible.

Now that said, if your Pi is the last node…even after the hard coded are not reachable, then effectively you are the official blockchain

For stats… let me look back over this on the weekend. RPC has a number of interesting commands.

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Gnasher Thanks, i don’t have the coding knowledge to fully understand what would happen in that situation, but i imagined that once the hard coded nodes go offline, the network would ultimately rely on the overlapping of “soft” coded nodes and regular stakers between blocks. Should such nodes go offline, the network would be on CPR… last “regular” staker gets the gold.

Kind of funny altogether, if only a bit sad.

I’d like to post some transpàrent and real stats that could help to better understand the current status of the network, so your help is really appreciated.

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Didi said:
I believe that the network ultimately relies on the hardcoded nodes
these are called the seed nodes and every blockchain has one or more and is contained within the wallet code
The seed node, provides IP addresses of other nodes to connect to
If these were to go down, then new clients couldnt connect (unless they had an ip of an alternate pubic fullnode) because they cannot find any other available node.
Alternate nodes can be added using addnode= command

Bitinfocharts has some interesting stats.
I was going to reinvent the wheel at one stage, but they seem to have most covered. If you want to explore what is possible, let me know and i will help as much as i can.

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I didn’t notice that the ReddPi’s IP had changed (i’m DHCP-lazy), fixed now. Sorry about that.

Node running again with 38 active connections (which is quite a bit imho, being the single Spanish node afaik), plenty of bandwidth and cpu available anyway.

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I have been following the happenings here and understand the emotions involved. Even after being treated like a dog turd, by the owners of the coin, and told to get the hell out, I followed the coin with great disappointment. It is apparent and has been apparent for many months we were all scammed by the owners.

Personally, I am involved with building a Hot Dog Drive through on a busy street, in the center of Muskogee, Ok. When I get it up and running (perhaps in a month), I am going to put together a Tax free corporation, owned by no one, with 9 trustees, Utilizing the ability of a Tax Free to sell Tokens, and all funds will be written off ones US Taxes. The Tax Free will pursue the “Gamification of Education”.

Getting the right 9 directors will determine it’s success.

Okie79 Good luck with the Bratwurst and Weisswurst Drive thtough…Good bread Good meat and sweet Onions with Good mustard will always be in demand.
You will do really well. Get the biggest and best meat you can find and you will do well.
I dont understand anything else you wrote about. Good Luck in any event

Okie79 Hey man, glad to hear from you. Good luck in your endeavours, you deserve it. And yeah, emotions and business don’t mix well.

You can always post in the off-topic section, would be nice to hear how is your new project doing - as long as this .org domain is kept online, that is.