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Redd ->IExcellent <-

Redd ->IExcellent <-

I asked to be unbanned from the reddit site… I think I might have a ton of reddcoins seized in tipbot… You can’t access tipbot when you are banned, and I was just in the middle of a million coin give-a-away, when I was banned. However, I may still be considered an enemy.

Actually I am still banned here also!!!

I’ve been banned so many times I have lost track…

The question is have you learned anything. Bans for no good reason are tough to stomach.
If you have learned what not to do then its a good thing, if you are going to run around doing the same thing as before…expect a similar response.

IMHO blunt honesty without meaning disrespect should not be ban worthy. I’ve been on the verge myself.

But all of that is past so i would not dwelve in it, i would be more worried about reddit itself… who has admin rights and is still active? Reddcoin? AFAIK no one’s moderating there anymore and that is a cause of concern for me. Most peolpe who come to the subreddit deem the project dead and it comes as no surprise to me.

The stickied post needs to be updated. The sidebar. Links. Let’s not forget that Jonathan picked “Reddcoin” for a reason, and we all know which one was.

Since you announced you had ‘‘quit the coin’’ you seem to be posting here more often and expressing your opinions on all matters. If this is what you are like when you QUIT something then I would like to see how much more you are engaged when you are working actively on a project. Moderation is a pain for the person doing it and for the people on the receiving end. Free speech until you cross the line.

Dude… it’s Sunday and i’m bored. What if i post? Am i not allowed?

Distancing oneself from the project doesn’t mean that i have to forget about it. And it’s not like there’s a whole lot of activity so if i post twice a week (as of “late”) it seems as if i’m still as involved as i was, when i’m not.

Meh, forget it man.

Moderation is the pits.
sometimes it is a fine line determining when a post should be moderated.

FYI reddibrek has also just been made a mod (and i think admin) on /r/reddcoin
Should expect some updates.

Didi Glad your contributing again. missed your posts

I seem to have been given some pretty badges too. I’m not sure by whom or why. I certainly did not ask for them and frankly would prefer not to have them especially given my politics which sees the merest glimpse of rank or hierarchy as the devil incarnate. I don’t need to be appointed to anything by other people thank you very much. Judge me by my contribution (which has been more words than deliverable action so far).


henry Deal with it Henry! Life is what happens to us while we were making other plans

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Redshift It appears you have a lot to learn. But, that’s your problem…not mine. I believe facts and events have proven me right. I make things happen. And, I don’t kiss ass. I have given away more reddcoins than many people have owned. I did it to promote the coin. I find your comment deeply insulting and counter productive. YOU SHOULD BAN YOURSELF!

Okie79 You never struck me as a person with a thin skin Okie and as always I call it like I see it.

I have no memory of anything that you did that would be a cause for a ban. Other people may recall things

differently regardless

Doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different result has a widely known definition.

For all of the rest of your comments I will put down to you misunderstanding.

I don’t like moderation and despise the fact that we need moderators, we should be able to speak freely without


I am thin skinned!

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Okie79 Hot dog business is going to fix that in hurry :stuck_out_tongue:

Redshift Big Weenie Drive-thru’s are just one of my ventures…it is intended to grow into a building package franchise…ready to go, dropped on a foundation anyplace in the US and ready to operate.

I just received word Why Fund Inc., a Non Profit Corporation, which is applying for 501 c 3 tax deductible educational institution status, was just created and filed. It will endeavor to buy, create, and make available reading, writing, arithmetic, and reasoning, computerized courses (games) to anyone. And reward them with altcoins on completion.

From little acorns…Giant Oak Trees grow.


Okie79 That’s a very nice idea I would love to contribute to it
So if I can help in any way I would love too

Okie79 ‘‘Big things have small beginnings’’ Prometheus 2014

Okie79 I have unbanned you on reddit.

For the record everyone, I’m not against banning. I said in the past that moderation should be pretty firm on crypto threads and I feel the same now.

The reddit page is going to take a little time to get cleaned up and refreshed. I started on a couple of small things today and over the next couple of weeks or so I’ll keep doing a bit here and there.

reddibrek The illusion of power corrupts absolutely.
SEE /r/bitcoin and the Theymos mode of moderation and the debacle that has ensued.
They say learn from others mistakes because you will never live long enough to make them all yourself… FIRM MODERATION? Big Mistake attempting to control people right to express their opinion. We have basic rules about civility and discourse if people see Banning for Specious Reasons fully expect the /r/ReddcoinUncensored Sub to be active and growing.
The best moderation you barely notice. Banning people is and always should be a last resort. I will be the first out the door and gone if I see that happening,