NEW: Reddcoin Lottery!

Welcome to the Reddcoin lottery! It’s the first of its kind and it’s another chance to experiment with Reddcoin and potentially earn more RDD from that! The raffle is intended to be a fun way to play with Reddcoin! Please do not bet with more than you can afford to bet with!

How it will work:

  1. 10 RDD will buy one ‘ticket’ in the raffle.
  2. The tickets start at 1 and go up to the highest number needed (ensuring a winner each time). So, if you paid 50 RDD, you would own tickets 1-5. Any amount less than 10 RDD will be ignored, but not returned.
  3. The raffle will be drawn on the last day of every month, using to generate the ticket.
  4. The lottery will take a 5% cut of the money put into it before the payout, to promote the event in future months.
  5. The remaining 95% will be sent to the winning ticket’s address.
  6. The lottery will then start again at the beginning of the next month.

The address for the lottery is: RcD5CzGVsPrP8yLCMhW4C9nWPD2rHSRwit

Good luck & happy hodling!

January 2018 results: here

**Current Amount In February 2018 Round: 1110RDD! Drawing on Feb 28th **


Thank you! :slight_smile: I hope it takes off! :smiley:

PasCarbs could you help spread this initiative, please? :slight_smile:


CaffeinatedSloth - would too 5% of a million reddcoin is a good amount !

It would be a good amount! But I doubt we will get to 1 million in the lottery pot! It would be amazing if we did though :slight_smile:

its cool idea, however the Pay it forward idea didn’t really work i don’t think and even lost the thread?

This is different to that idea…

CaffeinatedSloth yeah it is but it didn’t really work in this forum

so i am curious on how this would go - we haven’t seem many active users

How many are in right now?
Maybe I’ll wait to see if others join.

Trespasin_minds That’s true… The way I see it working is by people paying in as much/little as they want (in increments of 10RDD), with 10RDD being one ticket… At the end of the month, I would then draw a number at random and the address who has that number (they are chosen in order, so if someone paid 10RDD, they would have ticket #1, then if another person paid in 70RDD, they would have 2,3,4,5,6,7&8) would win and I would send the winnings to them and a new round would start the beginning of the next month.

stephan93 So far, one person has bought a ticket, so so far, they’re winning! The more people, the merrier :slight_smile:


This is a fantastic idea and gets people actually sending and using their redd. I think this lottery needs to be put onto our reddit page it will gain much more exposure! With the OPs permission i can post and help promote this? I also will be taking part :slight_smile:

Sweet idea I’m in :slight_smile:

Also don’t forgot I’ll be announcing the winning today at anytime… So Keep your eye’s peeled on your account :slight_smile:

Lottery up to 30RDD! :slight_smile: Not loads, but someone who’s entered will be a winner! :wink: And will do :smiley:


PasCarbs this is being drawing today?

Trespasin_minds is being announced today, this lottery is being drawn on the 31st :slight_smile:


CaffeinatedSloth cool so at present you have sold 30 tickets?

No - 3 tickets. 10 RDD = One ticket :slight_smile: Although, next time I might make it so that 1RDD = one ticket… what do you think to that?

Now 40RDD in the pot.


So I just pay some RDD to this address : RcD5CzGVsPrP8yLCMhW4C9nWPD2rHSRwit and I participate? Nothing else needed?