NEW: Reddcoin Lottery!


Correct :slight_smile: Make sure you pay in 10RDD intervals though! You pay it and then hope to win on the 31st!



Wow - I was away for 2 hours and the lottery pot has more than doubled to 90 RDD!! 19 days until the drawing, so keep buying tickets!!



Sent via tipreddcoin bot on twitter txid=0ab0722a4eda8552f2c0598619e7173040e8bc64d8b7b650a7cf1f79 =)


Excellent :slight_smile: I can see it’s come in and the pot is now at 100RDD!



Boom - Yes he did! - 6 Tickets Please !

Date: 13/01/2018 13:54
To: Reddcoin lotto RcD5CzGVsPrP8yLCMhW4C9nWPD2rHSRwit
Debit: -60.00 RDD
Net amount: -60.00 RDD
Transaction ID: d8bed3d1d6f60cb183b5599995f6f3b36776f2b0c744d1f3eaa427188391ba5a-0


I sent 20 RDD :slight_smile:


Amazing! Whoever wins this in the end is getting more in the pot each day! :smiley:



take care about my 30 RDD :slight_smile:


I will! :slight_smile: Good luck!



Are you telling me I could win like 40 RDD coin? HOLY SHIT!!! That’s like 40¢ in USD!!!


Just sent 90 RDD. Good luck everyone


lawyer4life Thought you’d given up and left? Do one.

speeddemonpro Good luck! :slight_smile:



CaffeinatedSloth So how do we know what numbers we have?


I do it by the order people sent in Reddcoin. So, if you sent 40 in now, there are already 31 tickets in there, so you would get tickets 32,33,34&35. I hope that makes sense, but any more questions let me know!



CaffeinatedSloth how do we know the order- - you need to post this in the first post and keep it updated with who owns what tickets.

then use a random number gen - live to show results.


Trespasin_minds Closer to the draw date, I’ll publish a list of the addresses with tickets and which ticket numbers they have so everyone knows. Then I will use to generate a random number (the winning ticket) and film myself doing that. I will then upload that file to here, along with the transaction details of me sending the RDD to the winner :slight_smile:



WOOHOOO put me down for 10 tix (100 RDD) :wink:


lawyer4life Today - yes, it’s worth about that today. See you at the next dip, #troll


CaffeinatedSloth you on twitter and do you post these there?


Nayoun I didn’t even think of that! Yes, I’m RDD_Sloth on there :slight_smile: I’ll also post it on there as well then!