NEW: Reddcoin Lottery!


CaffeinatedSloth why is the price of RDD going down while practically all other coins are going up? This coin has dropped nearly half its value in a week. Almost time to buy more? lolz


lawyer4life What are you basing it on when you say ‘practically all other coins are going up’? I don’t believe that that fact is true based on the fact that I’ve just been trading on YoBit and about half the coins listed have increased in the last day/week, half have decreased… Reddcoin happens to be one that’s decreased, but when Bitcoin suddenly lost over 25% of it’s value in about 4 days, people didn’t panic. Loss and gain is part of the game - it’s as simple as that.



Hi guys,
Maybe i am not that Active on this forum. But cant help myself to react at that lawyer dude. He’s hilarious!! Allways saying reddcoin isnt going anywhere lmao…he’s probably the most Active member…hahaha.

For those who do believe. Here is a fact!

Today 10mln volume, past 7 days 112mln volume…Just relax guys!! There are alot of people that are taking profit. Just part of the game…if you see the monthly graph. You can see we are about to go(coming 2-4days), to about 0,02-0,027… But those who cant handle it stay away from cryptos and please go buy some gold!!


CaffeinatedSloth Have you ever looked at Reddcoin was number 58 last week it is now number 71. The numbers speak for themselves. It’s falling.


Looks like RDD is winning today. .015 :joy::joy::joy:


hello guys , i guess that RDD has reached to the lowest price and recently hit the ascendant trend , so that i wish this will be the beginning of the flight >>>


lawyer4life I think you’ll see that a fair few coins jump up and down - high amounts of coins (e.g. Reddcoin’s current 28.7 billion) and even small price changes like $0.001 create a huge market cap difference. For example, an increase of $0.001 would up Reddcoin’s market cap by about $28.7 million USD. In the coin ranks below about 50th, that is enough to jump you up/down by several places in the charts, so Reddcoin’s decrease in ranking is not uncommon to see for most alt coins.



CaffeinatedSloth great optimism you have. The numbers speak for themselves. Take a gander at the charts. You’ll see the decline on RDD. Last week it was around .025 and it has slowly sank to .015 since.


You don’t see my point, lawyer4life . Yes, it has decreased recently, but so have many other coins. It doesn’t mean that Reddcoin is crashing and burning.



CaffeinatedSloth what is your point? RDD is in the .013 range and has lost more than 25% of its value just in the last 24 hours.


lawyer4life And? Bitcoin has, on more than one occasion lost that much value in a short space of time, but it has recovered. My point is that sudden and drastic price increases/decreases are common for crypto and, as Reddcoin is a crypto, there is little need to worry about this.



Only 15 days until the first lottery draw!! The pot is currently over 400 RDD, so keep buying in and have a chance to win this thing!! Good luck to all!



CaffeinatedSloth “b-b-but…but it won’t be worth much money!!! because…you know…the dip and stuff!”

saw a post on reddit from some dude announcing that he was buying his first 100k RDD at the high 70 sats range and some guy responded like “buy at the top sell at the bottom 8^)” all smug trying to get in his face it’s like why do you want to tell people that they’re going to fail? not only that but the dude who DID buy 100k RDD at 70 sats is still making a profit even now! anything can happen with this stuff man, it’s wild.

p.s. i had sent over 10 RDD for a ticket a few days ago but realized I hadn’t created an address to receive funds via tips on the forum so I went ahead and did that. fingers crossed !!

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CaffeinatedSloth If you would have sold at my first warning and bought now you could have more than doubled your Reddcoin holdings… Almost time to swoop some up


luscious_duncan Exactly! Who knows where it could go? That may sound a bit contradictory to what I’ve been saying, but what I mean is that just because it’s dropped a bit, that doesn’t mean it will do nothing but drop.

As for the lottery, that’s great, thank you! Only 15 days until you find out whether you’re the lucky winner! :slight_smile:



Funny. Typical there are always nay-sayers who stand behind something and ignore everything else. I guess this guy was from the troll box on btc-e.

I’ll admit I’m new to RDD but seeing it fall is only a good sign to buy. I actually looked at the past 3 year history and only have seen it recover, better than before.

hurr durr is gonna die gaise its not worth anything

That’s funny.


Sent 220 rdd. Rdd forever!


Tias WAHOOOO Big spender - thanks anyone as I got the winning entry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Isnt it an idea that someone makes a kind of charity reddcoin adress. Where everyone can sent rdd to and then give it to a charity or some. That is a win win stiuation i guess. You do something good by helping others , and it brings reddcoin positive in the news hopefully. And its good for the social aspect of rdd. And its good for crypto in general i think, but then we need to be genererous. And make it big


Tias Received! That brings the total in the pot up to nearly 700RDD! :smiley: Good luck everyone and remember that there’s a week left!

I also like the idea of the Reddcoin charity pot :slight_smile: if the lottery goes well and draws more interest over the next weeks/months, I wouldn’t mind setting up something like this :slight_smile: It could even be done in conjunction with the lottery - say 5/10% of the lottery funds could be paid into the charity address every month as a base payment?