NEW: Reddcoin Lottery!


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Tias Received! That brings the total in the pot up to nearly 700RDD! :smiley: Good luck everyone and remember that there’s a week left!

I also like the idea of the Reddcoin charity pot :slight_smile: if the lottery goes well and draws more interest over the next weeks/months, I wouldn’t mind setting up something like this :slight_smile: It could even be done in conjunction with the lottery - say 5/10% of the lottery funds could be paid into the charity address every month as a base payment?


I like this. A monthly lottery with (x%) going to forum or split amongst the mods/janitors.

I just sent 1000 RDD to the lottery address, knowing my staking would reset.

So, it should be up to 1700 RDD. Someone was nice enough to send me 165 RDD for helping them with one of their problems here, so I figure I could also help out.


UPDATE: The lottery pool has broken the 1000RDD marker! :slight_smile: The bigger the pool, the bigger the win!



lvtion Something like that, yeah :slight_smile: For now, I’ll keep it as it is, but if the lottery proves to be popular next month too, I think I’ll put it to the vote and see whether people want to have the lottery function like that…

The 1000 just arrived too :slight_smile: Good luck to you! With nearly 2/3 of the share of the pot, you stand a decent chance! :slight_smile:



I don’t mean to sidetrack or go out of bounds, but who was the guy saying he managed to collect 1M RDD for his lottery project?

How many lotteries do we have going on? 1M is a big number of dollars. Just blabbing my thoughts, though.


I have a feeling that was RDD_Whale on Twitter… I looked into that when it was happening, but I think it turned out just to be clickbait and for more RTs/Follows :frowning: 1 million RDD would be amazing to have in this lottery though! Unrealistic :frowning: but amazing! And as far as I’m aware, I’m running the only one at the moment, but there may be more…



That’s what I suspected. I created a reddit account (after 7 years of refusing to) to reply. Ended up not replying. I had a funny feeling about that one.


Any chance of an update on the current pot total? Cheers!


Just checked the Address and current pot is:

1719.9 RDD


Yep :slight_smile: I’m calling that 1720 for ease, but it is technically 1719.9 (still a nice amount to win :wink: )



I find the idea great. Keep it up! but what bothers me is the fact that the staking starts with a transfer back to zero.


Thank you! :slight_smile: And yeah, that is a bit of a pain… What I’ve started to do is keep the majority of my coins in one big input for staking, then leave say 1-200 as a separate input (pay yourself the desired amount just after your stake when it’s reset anyway) so that if I want to tip someone, I can have enough to send while making a minimal impact on my staking coins :slight_smile:



Just to remind everyone, January’s lottery ends tomorrow! I’m going to set the time for ending at 18:00GMT on the 31st of January so that I can then get the tickets counted and the prize out! February’s round will then begin at 00:00GMT on Feb 1st! :slight_smile:



CaffeinatedSloth Wahoo

here is my wallet Rf3v77RWx1dYR4KtkdxsCrbdcsKkZojeBp just send the winnings now WAHOOOOOO


Here we go. I honestly forgot all about this, lol


Trespasin_minds You get the winnings only if you win fairly :wink: I’ll publish the winner soon after the lottery closes tomorrow!



CaffeinatedSloth Was just my vote of confidents


Due to my PC doing a high intensity blender project, I can’t do anything else on it until at least tomorrow morning :confused: That means that unfortunately, I can’t access any of my Reddcoin wallets, including the Lottery one. Don’t worry though - I will do the draw for January as soon as my rendering is done!

Apologies for this.



Blender is done, and so is the lottery drawing for January! Congrats to ticket number 64 (RDD address: Rbk729V7cFi3h3PABenN5Z52i7wYuSrFZU ) for winning January 2018’s lottery! I will send the money over in a minute :slight_smile:

Proof of the winner is here and a full list of the tickets from this round is here.

Congratulations and good luck in the next round!



Great work, congrats to the winner.