New site with FREE Reddcoin Faucet and other opportunities!

Hello all!

I wanted to expose you to our new site … the home of the unlimited dispense faucets!

We currently have Reddcoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Mintcoin faucets which can be immediately reset with a surf site, video etc if you don’t wish to wait 60 minutes for another dispense.

We also have surveys, listen to the radio, offerwalls and various other ways to earn FREE Reddcoin and other crypto coins. We have been running give away promotions, some contests start this week and we have a referral contest running until mid February. You can refer membership for a 10% bonus on whatever your referrals earn as well as each faucet has the ability to refer and receive a commission.

Checkout our Facebook page and like us Smiley

Checkout and follow our Twitter

We’ll will post announcements and giveaways to the social networks so make sure to keep an eye out!

Don’t be afraid to stop into chat and say hello!

Hope to see you there and we’ll have lots and lots of great things to come!

My Bad I should have included a direct link :slight_smile:

ESM just a tip , you have the option to edit your post instead of replying to it.

iisurge Thanks! I see that now. When you hover over the post the menu becomes active of which I did not see before. :slight_smile:

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ESM I’m currently doing an open beta of a new service to attract more people to reddcoin and to give content creators and services a tool to promote their websites. The site is not finished yet (no mobile support and the explore page is still in development) If you are interested, please join the beta and add TheCoinMine to the database @
The beta discussion can be found here:

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FREE 2500 Reddcoin bonus with each daily survey completed today!

Very cool! I like how its instant payout!

Goo to know this faucet, because a lot of reddcoin faucet shut down recently…

is this faucet working?

We are having Reddcoin Monday again!

2500 Free RDD bonus for every daily survey completed today!

You can register here

We have daily surveys for 30+ countries which can be found here

There are many easy ways to earn TCM coins which can be redeemed for Reddcoins…you can even earn them listening to the radio and completing a captcha every 10-30 minutes depending on your country.

We have a referral contest running for March with 25,000 ($25) TCM coins to the winner, 10,000 for runner up and 5,000 for 3rd place!

Come check us out!