New to Reddcoin

Hi Everyone,

As a recently new member of the reddcoin community I have some questions that can hopefully be answered! :slight_smile:
So first of all Reddcoin is aiming to be the social currency with a tipping mechanisme. I have seen that it will be done through a web plugin if im not mistaken? But how will this coin work in the future if, for example, I am out for dinner and had a really great experience on the restaurant and the waiter etc. and I want to tip them later on some Reddcoin. Will that be done through a mobile app by simply scanning a QR-code of the restaurant or waiter to tip them? I don’t know if this is the idea as well of this coin or not.
Secondly what is it that makes Reddcoin eventually stand out from the other coins around?
Just to make clear again I am new to Reddcoin, but i do believe in it’s concept and I do like the community that is build around it!

Buy or cry my friend. Redd-id coming soon.

Jadrie there is a feature coming out soon that will make what you are saying easier to do. The coin is starting by people able to tip on Social networks but i’m sure will branch to other areas. The great this is that it that the coin will not need the nteworks to adopt it. The coin exchange system is being created to bypass them.

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Ah Great thank you for your anwser!! I’m really curious as how it will work but i’m excited that the feature will be coming out soon.

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Jadrie Q3

Jadrie we are all looking forward to it. Exciting times to own Reddcoin.

ReddheadNavi red id is out

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LTaylor how do we set an ID up? I am new here but I have been waiting for Redd ID a while now.

Я все что у меня было закупил RDD теперь все надежды на RDD

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LTaylor Redd-ID is not out. That’s false. It’s being polished. Good try though…

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sorry not out but ready supposedly.