NEWBIE here..Can anyone advise at all on how to actually BUY Reddcoins?

I am very very new to crypto and found that Reddcoins are pretty fascinating and at the same time reasonable to purchase. Can anyone at all tell me how to purchase them? I live in the USA so it seems some sites don’t allow me to open up an account, but still I have no idea as to how to get started. Do I join a exchange then purchase it using real cash or how do I go about it?
Any suggestions or advice would be so appreciated and once I understand it and can get things going I would have no problem tipping as I think it is called . Thank you in advance for any help that can be provided, Happy Holidays to all.

  1. Get USD into crypto via an exchange that will allow you to purchase Bitcoin via USD. and are examples of such exchanges.
  2. Once you have Bitcoin go to and create an account there.
  3. After you have created the account and confirmed your email go to the wallet section in the top menu.
  4. Find the bitcoin listing in there and click the deposit button. It will give you an address to deposit your bitcoin. Copy that address.
  5. Go back to the exchange were you purchased the bitcoin (ex: coinbase) and do the same process but this time click send next to the bitcoin listing. Paste the address that you got from Bittrex and enter the amount of BTC you want to send. Double and triple check that everything is good and hit send.
  6. Once you have received the funds in your bittrex wallet you can then go to the home page and search for rdd under the BTC pairings listed there. Click on the pairing BTC/RDD.
  7. On that page there is a box that will say buy RDD. Click max (this will fetch the max amount of RDD for the btc you have in your wallet). Then in the price dropdown hit last. This will then show you how much RDD you will be getting. Then hit Buy.

Note: Sometimes the transaction doesn’t go through because there was rapid price movement and no one is selling or buying at the price that you selected when you hit the last button. In that case you can just cancel the pending order from the window at the bottom of the trading page you left off on and you will be refunded the BTC instantly. From there just do the same thing again and if you are quick enough between the time you click last and hit buy you will be good.

vkong2194 Go to you can buy there with fiat currency which is the easiest way

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Motalax said in NEWBIE here..Can anyone advise at all on how to actually BUY Reddcoins?:

vkong2194 Go to you can buy there with fiat currency which is the easiest way

They said they are in the USA. Can they still buy on

WoW!! Thank you so much for the helpful step by step tutorial. I am going to try that tonight. I probably shouldn’t purchase anything yet until my wallet has been totally synced correct? My wallet still has a lot of syncing to do according to the loading bar on the redd page. Again, thank you guys so much for your helpful advice. I am so thankful . V

vkong2194 yes do not send any RDD to your wallet until it syncs. Also backup your wallet as much as possible.

vkong2194 also the way I would buy RDD is by buying ETH at coinbase or gdax and send it to Bittrex and then buy RDD. If you dont have a bittrex account, I would buy bitcoin cash and use shapeshift. Also only do a small amount for the 1st transfer to make sure you have it figured out.

vkong2194 I buy via coinbase and then send it to coinomi then I shapshift it to RDD.GOODLUCK!

stangman39 Yes you can syill buy on Litebit, they go very fast however because Reddcoins are very wanted these days. Good for us