Newbie here!

I just downloaded the reddcoin wallet and I have a few questions.
1# Can I use my wallet now or do I have to wait until it’s done synchronizing?
2# how do I get reddcions in the wallet? can’t find any options in the wallet.
3# I need to have reddcions before I can mint right? (I live in Denmark, can I even buy from here?)
4# Will anyone try sending me a reddcoin? would love to see if it actually works :slight_smile:
My adress is: RioDyFG5drdZY6zkrQ5qtPpRHMYAD2pb7B

Thank you!

I used a method that has worked for me so far. There’s other ways to do this, but all the exchanges have been so backed up on their servers that even logging on is an issue. This way I don’t have a large amount of money just floating on the internet in some hot wallet. So I basically did coinbase purchase of litecoin, litecoin to to exchange to reddcoin, reddcoin to reddcoin wallet.

To lay out how I did this more methodically: to purchase initial cryptos (I use litecoin)

The reason I use coinbase is because of the security of the wallet and the companies name and media presents.
2.Go to to exchange your initial crypto for which one you would like to receive. (process is explained on shapeshift websites)

I’ve used ShapeShift dozens of times and have never had any issues what so ever. Very timely and prices are usually spot on to most major exchanges.
3.Reddcoin to wallet

Once you complete shapeshift transaction, you can have them email you a confirmation receipt and than of course reddcoin allows you to view the blockchain for the transaction.


Make sure you download the bootstrap here to sync.

You need to have a wallet synced to use it.
You send to your wallet address.
And you wont see anything is someone sends you a reddcoin because you do not have the wallet synced.

Good luck

CoinChaos Tried syncing using the bootstrap.dat file, no good - Installing on Windows 10, the Reddcoin Appdata directory did not exist after installation, so I made one, but no good, the app still did not grab the .dat - any suggestions?

bduran The Reddcoin Appdate file is hidden. You need to go to file and click change folder and search options. Then go to view and change the hidden files to show and you should see it. Also you will need to get WinRAR to extract the bootstrap. Also you need a SSD/Solid State Drive to download any blockchains or it will be slow.

CoinChaos Thank you for the advice!! I will try again. Do you know if I need to re-install?

bduran Probably

Quick update - Setting up wallet on Windows 10, I tried to use the bootstrap.dat file to accelerate the sync process - I never found the Reddcoin App Data directory referenced in the instructions, (yes I showed hidden files/directories, thank you for the suggestion) - so I am just syncing online - it is so freaking slow - wow - This seems unusable for the general public - are there plans to make changes to this process?

Did you run the wallet program before you tried to find the file? If so it wouldn’t show up until the program is ran. After that you will need a fresh install so save the file to your folder, move the bootstrap in to that, then paste it in before you run the new install.