Newbie here

Hello reddcoin community,
I am a complete novice with pc’s and I purchased over 240,000 rdd coin 2 days ago and I have tried to figure out how to sync with no success. Its like I really need some one to talk with so they can hold my hand and walk me through this. Is anyone able to assist me with this?

Jordan533 Hello,

I assume you have your RDD in bittrex still. The Syncing takes a little while. Just leave it up. Even tho it looks like its frozen, it is working to catch up. Once it catches up, send a few RDD to make sure its working. LMK how I can help.


CoinChaos I used shapeshift to do the transfer and it showed the transaction was completed. The problem IM having is the files where everything is stored. Again Im not pc savy and that is where im having my problems so that I can get it to sync quicker./

Thank you for reply


Ok 1st thing. Did you back up your wallet? If not go do that now and email it to yourself, save it, save it on a usb. Back it up in multiple places. Very important not to lose that .dat file. so make many backups. Also if you encrypt your wallet with a passsword, which you definitely should, keep it safe and don’t forget it. If you delete the .dat or forget the password after encrypting your RDD will be gone forever! So yeah, I don’t recommend you download the block files and add them. Yes it will be instant, but it puts you at risk. I would just wait for it to sync. If you want Ballor just uploaded a updated ledger. You can download his.