No block source available. Wallet wont sync. Help.

Hey guys. So I’ve had my reddcoin wallet since Jan 6 and have never had any issues with it. At some point today though it went offline and has been unable to sync since. It’s been 12 hours at this point. zero active connections, wallet says offline in arrow at bottom right near connections processed up to block 2120446 but nothing since then. Any ideas as to what might be going on?

Same problem here. I’ve been staking a couple of weeks, shut my laptop down and this morning 0 active connections. what the freak?
I saw this old post. Will that help?

You can try create a reddcoin.conf file and put this in there:


Save it in the App/Data/Roaming/Reddcoin

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Daytona79 I found something like that on reddit, It didnt work for me though. I saved a back up of my wallet and am currently downloading the updated wallet version. Seems to be syncing ok.

So Larrabed, how did you solve the problem? Im just gonna install the new wallet, did that work for you?

larrabeb u don’t need a .conf file to stake
just remove it and reset qt

Daytona79 That did not work for me, I recently emailed I still have over 2k reddcoin just chillin somewhere… trying to not let it stress me out too much but shit…