No block source available

I’m at block 1747469, and it says: No block source available. 8 active connections. I’ve restarted the wallet. Please advise.

I cant get my wallet to work in the last couple of days…was staking 500k and now cant even open the wallet. can someone please help!!!

drugmaned I had same problem few weeks ago after windows update my computer restarted and that happened, just let it download the blocks again even when it says not responding, ignore it as is still working fine. Relax it’s not a big deal and all your coins are safe.

Still doesn’t work.

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Reddy Hi I downloaded my RDD QT 2 weeks ago it honestly took 4 full days to catch up. I would advise if you have already restarted it to leave it be if you have 8 active connections it will sync. I’ve found in my journey of QT’s impatience usually frustrates us but RDD chain has been around for awhile so there are blocks. I have 33 active connections on my end so the network is healthy I believe it’s just time on your end.

If it took you 4 full days to sync, I’ll just start over. I’m done with this shit.

Reddy Try to download the blockchain via

I did that and saved a lot of time.

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I cant get this thing to work, downloaded fresh copy of reddcoin wallet for win 64 on two machines and they both cant connect or sync or show any kind of activity.
This is so unfortunate… i give up. I think it should be much easier for someone to set up a simple crypto wallet.

My solution was to install on another PC. It worked, so I moved the synced files to my main PC.

what is a blockchain ? do i need to have it on my computer if i have a wallet online ?

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sunshinemerel If you have the wallet on your computer you already have a copy of the blockchain which is the data the wallet reads.

shadowradio Yes i already have the wallet on my computer.

How and where do you get those reddcoins ? are you just waiting for coins to appear after a while or do i need to do something ?

you need coin sent to the wallet first. Then once you have coin click settings and unlock. Use the password you used to encrypt your wallet and select the box that says for staking only. As you get more coin your weight will increase and payouts will become faster. Payouts are handled through the POSV process and pay around 5% annually. It may take some time but once you have thousands of coin in a wallet you
will be earning interest regularly. You can buy coin at exchange
s like bittrex It is pretty cheap for now. My buddy got 22 thousand plus coins for a few bucks the other day and we stake in one wallet and share backups.