No divident while locked

I locked my wallet with a password for security.
Now the wallet keeps saying “Not collecting divident while locked”
Do I have to unlock my wallet every day now? I really don’t want this, I just want to start it while I start my pc and don’t have to unlock it every day.

Is it possible to collect while locked, or how do I delete my password?

Hey Nick, there is no way to unlock it automatically when your wallet is started for obvious security reasons. If you unlock your wallet make sure that you unlock it for staking only (set as default).

Is it possible then to delete the password?

You just need to unlock the wallet with your password. Then you will be able to stake in piece. Do you remember the password?

Yes I do, but it is really anoying to put in my password every time I start up my pc.

:smiley: I have an easy solution - just unlock “for staking only” and leave your PC on.

I can’t really leave my pc on.