No more coins in Wallet


i have a problem with my wallet. In 2016 i made a update to a newer version. I then never looked anymore in the wallet. At a later time i tried to clean my Desktop and i putted a lot of files in one folder.
Then now i opened the wallet, made the sync and there is nothing to see in the wallet.
iI am afraid that i confused the file / listing ?
Is there anyone who can help me ?
Thank you

So much going on in your post.

  • Updated to a newer version; not specific enough. What is the current version that you are using
  • Put a lot of files in a folder. Okay, why is that relevant?
  • What did you expect to see in your wallet?
  • Your blockchain is fully synced, correct?

Thanks for your attention

  • i use Version v3.0.1.0-39088ca-beta (64-Bit)
  • perhaps i disconnected the path ?
  • 200 K Coins
  • Yes fully Synced
  • here is a screenshot

Okay, that screenshot helps a lot.
Is this screenshot taken from your Desktop?

I am seeing the following:

  • Reddcoin-Qt, for Reddcoin Core.
  • DigiByte Core for DigiByte.
  • Musicoin-client for Musicoin.

And, a few .dat files:

  • dgb.dat (DigiByte, I guess)
  • wallet.dat (any idea which crypto?)
  • rev0000.dat (don’t think this is a wallet, but can be).
  • peers.dat (not a wallet file).


I will be focusing on Reddcoin fist.
Do you have a backup of your Reddcoin wallet? This should be .dat file…

Screenshot is from my Desktop !
I just need help with Reddcoin …the rest is OK
i don’t know how to like for .dat files.
Here some more screenshots, perhaps it can help you.!

You need a wallet.dat file, to get access to the RDDs in the wallet.
You have multiple wallet files, scattered all around…
Your files are a mess. :P.

It would be hard and time-consuming to give instructions and to try and find the RDDs back.

I can help you via TeamViewer. That application will make it possible for me to login into your computer, and see your screen. And if you agree, I can do the steps for you, and try to fix the issue for you.

Would you be OK with that?

yes, this would be perfect. I am so lost

Do you use Telegram? Makes communication easier to plan a date for TeamViewer.

No … twitter ? or facebook ?

Would rather not use those 2, as they are a social media, and not instant messengers.

Anyway, I have sent you a PM with my Twitter account. You can contact me there.

Just so you know: I’m from Europe, so I’ll be able to help you after work, which is in a few hours.

Hi, I have a similiar problem, take a look a screenshot

They just gone! How could it be? How to do?

I can’t read Cyrillic, but those red words means that your blockchain data is not synced fully.

You can wait until it finishes syncing.
Or you can follow this guide to speed up the syncing:

Yes correct, but even after fully synced all the same. I didn’t make anything: not sent, not received, not reinstalled OS on PC, and one day I found that coins are missed. They were transfered to unknown address. Checked through I found that my balance 0.

You didn’t make the transaction from your screenshot?
The one on 7 February, with an amount of 18427 RDD?

that’s it no i didn’t

Your wallet has no password, does it? So, wallet is unencrypted?

no paswword, not encrypted

When your wallet does not have a password, everybody with access to your computer can make a transaction.

If you didn’t make that transaction, someone else who had access to your computer did…
Transactions can not be reverted/retracted, so those RDDs are gone, I’m afraid.

I would recommend a virusscanner/malwarescanner, and make sure your computer is safe and clean.

Also, in your case (0 RDD in wallet), I would recommend to create a new empty wallet and this time also encrypt your wallet as well. Let me know if you want help with that (don’t delete without making sure you know what you do).